Precision increases production

How densely and accurately a yarn is wound up when manufacturing dye packages is crucial to the color quality and the productivity of the dyeing process.

Dye packages with optimal yarn density

SSM is setting new benchmarks in this area with the high-precision backpressure system preciforce. Dye packages with all kinds of yarns thus show a significantly better dyeing behavior. As such, in the production of cotton dye packages the effective package density can be increased and processed with a very low density tolerance of up to +/-1 g/l. The package build-up is extremely uniform, which gives the customer two advantages: more yarn per package and therefore increased production per dyeing process, as well as a consistent color quality. 

The crucial factor – the yarn density – is now an independent value that can be entered and regulated on the operating unit of the precision winding machine. The backpressure system preciforce is offered as an option on new winding machines XENO-YW, YD, PB, TU and AC and can easily be retrofitted on older models of the specified machine types.

(c) 2020 SSM
(c) 2020 SSM


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