Irreproachable quality with XENO-AC

Mani Kant, Managing Director of Bishnu Texports Pvt. Ltd © 2023 SSM
Bishnu Texport Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in Spandex yarns and manufactures extra fine deniers of air covered yarns. Founded in 2003, the company rapidly grew and expanded its portfolio to include conventional single covered yarns and double covered yarns. Renowned for its high quality, Bishnu is dedicated to customer success and constantly expands its portfolio to serve its customer needs.

The Challenge

To better answer customer needs in a timely manner, Bishnu Texport Pvt. Ltd. decided to produce its own air covered yarns. Switching from a trading company to a manufacturing one does not come without challenges. While it improves delivery time and reduces import costs, achieving the same, or even better, quality is ambitious.

In search for the best air covering machines on the market, Bishnu turned to SSM. While cheaper alternatives were available, the company trusted that the original investment for SSM air covered machines would result in a better return on investment and better fit their motto “No compromise on quality”.

The Solution

In 2012, Bishnu acquired 15 spindles of SSM DP3-C machine for its factory located in the northern part of India, near Delhi, where temperature can vary from 3 to 45 degrees Celsius – a real challenge when producing super fine yarns of 10/10 den, polyamide and elastane. With the right air-conditioning system and the support of SSM experts, Bishnu successfully set up the machines and reached a smooth and reliable production.

In 2020, the company owned 90 spindles of SSM air covering machines XENO-AC and its brand has been recognized as high-quality air covered yarns.

The Customer's Benefits

The main advantage with XENO-AC machines is the quality of the final product. From the yarn quality to the runnability on other machines and the package appearance, everything is optimized. Bishnu and its customers have been enjoying consistent high quality for 10 years and the company’s customer base is growing.

Bishnu is currently exporting its air covered yarns to Japan and Sri Lanka and is expecting long- term business in Japan. Consequently, the company plans to expand its existing capacity of spindles of SSM air covering to 200 spindles by the end of year 2025.

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