SSM preciforce™ - the world’s first system to constantly regulate the backpressure force

SSM XENO-PB (c) 2019 SSM
Among other factors, such as digitens™ (SSM online regulated yarn tension) and DIGICONE® 2 (SSM step precision winding), the backpressure force is a very important influencing factor for a perfect yarn package construction on a winding machine. The backpressure force has a significant influence on the package density that needs to be achieved.

preciforce ™ – High precision backpressure system

The more precise a backpressure force system is working, the better the density can be controlled, resulting in an optimal package construction. Standard backpressure force systems, such as pneumatical-, electro-mechanical- or mechanical systems, on winding machines worldwide follow a pre-defined curve. Disturbing factors, which can occur frequently in a production, are not corrected with these systems.

Therefore, SSM has developed the world’s first backpressure force system that constantly regulates the contact force and consistently bypasses disruptive factors.

preciforce™ - A worldwide unique backpressure system

preciforce™ is the first and only backpressure system on a winding machine which regulates the contact force in a range of 200 – 8’000 cN with precise accuracy, regardless of whether hard- or soft-packages are wound.

Due to the innovative design, no manual backpressure adjustments, commonly known on winding machines with pneumatical or mechanical backpressure systems, are any longer required. Thanks to the compact design, the powerful preciforce™ system can easily be retrofitted on existing SSM XENO winding machines of all types.

SSM preciforce (c) 2019 SSM
SSM preciforce (c) 2019 SSM

Besides of all these benefits, the preciforce™ system is entirely maintenance free, consumes less energy and the fact that the system is self-calibrating further enhances the advantages of the preciforce™ system.

The SSM preciforce™ is optional available for SSM XENO-YW, -YD, -PB and -AC machines.

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