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VANDEWIELE showcases many innovations in the individual textile segments of its large portfolio

Vandewiele will showcase its expertise in weaving, presenting a wide range of solutions and accessories designed to inspire visitors. One of the highlights of Vandewiele's presentation will be its demonstrations of realizations in woven technical textiles, including spacer fabrics and multilayer constructions. With today's machinery capable of manufacturing complex 3D geometries and composites for hybrid lightweight construction, Vandewiele aims to showcase the vast array of possibilities available in the industry.

Visitors to Vandewiele's booth will have the opportunity to witness several examples of technical textiles based on the company's core technology of double-piece distance weaving, which creates sandwich structures. Vandewiele's weaving machines, in conjunction with its IRO zero twist feeders and Bonas full electronic jacquard machines, enable the creation of innovative textile solutions that push the boundaries of traditional weaving techniques.

Moreover, Vandewiele's in-house expertise in servo motor technology ensures precise control and optimal performance across all its machines. With Vandewiele-Aros overseeing the production of motor and drive solutions, customers can trust in the reliability and efficiency of Vandewiele's offerings.

Superba introduces KR1

Superba, already the leader in heat-setting with saturated steam under pressure thanks to their well-known TVP3, is now offering the KR1: a brand-new automatic knotting system assisted by a robot. The KR1 system can be used in many industrial branches, enables to handle, pack and label bobbins. With this machine, SUPERBA’s commitment is to help customers to improve their productivity thanks to an industrial robot running 24/7. Suitable for DTY, BCF, Artificial Turf, Tyre Cord, Tape & more.


Bejimac innovates singeing

For decades, the Bejimac singeing machine has been a cornerstone in technical textiles, notably for filtration purposes. The team is eager to unveil their latest innovations, promising significant reductions in gas consumption without compromising the intensity of singeing.

TENSOLAB 50kN: Cutting-Edge Strength Testing

The MESDAN-LAB family of tensile strength testers welcomes its latest addition, the TENSOLAB 50kN, unveiled at TECHTEXTIL 2024. This double column model offers a unique solution for testing high-tenacity technical textile materials, boasting a maximum capacity of 50kN (5,000 kg). Featuring state-of-the-art technology, enhanced electronics, new software, and interchangeable accessories, the TENSOLAB 50kN delivers outstanding performance in terms of capacity, versatility, accuracy, and testing efficiency. With Italian design and Mesdan's 30-year expertise in dynamometer R&D, it embodies excellence. Completing the family are the semi-automatic single column "TENSOLAB 4," the single-position automatic "AUTODYN 3" with automatic yarn-loading, the fully automatic 24-positions yarn strength tester "AUTOFIL," and the portable SPLICE SCANNER.

Innovations in fabric control

Protechna delivers advanced fabric and thread control systems, ensuring top-notch product quality. Their ARRAYCAM 5430 camera system detects various fabric defects, prompting immediate machine halts for corrective action. At the exhibition, they'll showcase TENSOSCAN 2 5374 for tension control and COGASTOP CREEL 2 3210 for slub detection.

Leading yarn feeding technology 

MEMMINGER-IRO provides top yarn feeding tech for various knitting machines in technical textile production. See their storage feeders, electronic feeders, and unspooling devices.

Zero defect manufacturing

Loepfe's yarn sensors ensure zero-defect manufacturing across various industries like electronics and transportation. Their FALCON-i sensor minimizes waste in carbon fabric production by detecting and removing imperfections, benefiting weavers of high-quality technical textiles.

MES Innovations for Textiles

BMSvision, a pioneer in MES for the textile industry since 1975, offers advanced solutions for data collection, visualization, and actionable insights. They'll present Argus, a camera-based AI inspection system for technical textiles like OPW airbag and mattress ticking. All the Vandewiele machines can be connected through cloud computing to the “TEXconnect” supervision system to comply with the Factory 4.0 concept.

Vandewiele invites visitors to come and discuss their needs.

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