Techtextil 2017


Mesdan presents latest innovations at Techtextil

The Italy based Mesdan (Hall 3.0 - Stand B08) will present the new LINEAR CUT RESISTANCE tester, for the assessment of the resistance to the linear cut of gloves and protective cloths, as per the EN ISO 13997 and the EN 388, endowed with a system for adjusting the cutting pressure and a multi-position sample holder.
The EN 388 was recently revised and it now demanding the use of 2 equipment, both in the MesdanLab  rage: the new LCR tester (so called “tomodynamometer”), particularly required for the high resistance materials, and the “round blade” cut tester for the regular/light.
MESDAN® S.p.A. is a renowned leader in the production of yarn splicers & knotters and Laboratory equipment, with the main scope of supplying quality products and services to the textile industry, throughout the two Divisions:

Yarn joining division

The yarn joining line offers to all the quality oriented yarn-processing plants, the possibility to produce knot-free yarns at all stages of textile processing operations. Thanks to different joining techniques (with air, water vapour, heating, wrapping) and the well-known brands names “Jointair®”, “Aquasplicer®”, “Hot-Jointair®” and “Moistair®”, a specific solution is available for each yarn feature and production requirement. For the technical applications, the “Jointair®” family guarantees excellent and reliable performances with all high tenacity filament yarns and rovings, made of polyester, carbon or glass fibre, aramid, etc. of different counts.

Laboratory equipment Division

The line of laboratory textile testing equipment, known as MESDAN-LAB division, is dedicated to the development and marketing of Laboratory equipment, all manufactured according to the major International testing Standards. Its product portfolio includes a complete range of equipment for the testing and the QC of fibers, yarns, fabrics, garments, nonwovens, etc., in traditional textiles, as well as in technical textiles, such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Automotive, Sports and outdoor apparels, etc.

Pic: Mesdan AQUASPLICER (c) 2017 Mesdan

During Techtextil main interest will be focused on the equipment for the: tensile strength and tearing, abrasion, air and water permeability, flammability, etc.

Additionally, Mesdan represents the US based THERMETRICS, manufacturer of equipment for the measurement and evaluation of thermal comfort of fabrics, garments, protective apparel, as well as for the automotive industries, such as the Dry and Sweating Guarded Hotplates, thermal, sweating and flame test manikins, and flame/radiant test devices.

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