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Introducing the MESDAN knotter type 093E - A breakthrough innovation for Diaper Manufacturers

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Produced by MESDAN to join LYCRA HyFit® fiber and other hygiene-grade spandex used in the personal care industry.

The new knotter was developed in cooperation with The LYCRA Company which is the official global distributor of the new knotter.

The hand-operated knotter will bring greater efficiency and reliability to diaper manufacturing operations by eliminating manual knot tying. Operators will no longer have to tie together ends of spandex packages, an error-prone process that can cause production line interruptions.

The type 093E knotter produces consistent knots, leading to reduced downtime.

Its main application is the tail-to-top transfer on creels used in diaper production.

The knotter 093E can be easily moved, directly clamped to the creel structure, or fixed on preset brackets.

MESDAN and The LYCRA Company are thrilled to be able to offer this unique solution to the personal care and disposable care industry.

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