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Attending for the 17th time, on the 100th anniversary of the company

Under the motto "Leading technology for web guiding", the Erhardt+Leimer Group, a specialist in automation technology with subsidiaries and service stations all over the world, will exhibit a broad cross-section of its large portfolio at ITMA 2019. Not to be overlooked at the E+L stand will be the logos and walls referring to the 100th anniversary the company is celebrating this year. Since its first participation in 1955, E+L has been present at every ITMA – 2019 is the 17th time.

Among the exhibits, there will be systems and devices for web guiding and spreading, for web tension measurement and control, tenter infeeds, cutting units, weft straightening systems, thread and stitch counting systems as well as solutions for process control in tenters and dryers.

Improved guiding characteristics of the SW 95

The ELSMART SW 95 segmented roller guider for web guiding and spreading will be presented, featuring a technical change: The shape of the guide profiles on the roller circumference has been redesigned so that the roller body is now completely round. Due to this optimized shape, the web is guided very gently and safely even at maximum speed. In the version with guiding profiles split in the center, these overlap in the middle of the roller so that there are no more longitudinal markings on the web.

The ELSMART SWS97 segmented roller guider system allows the most efficient web guiding in enclosed machines in which extreme requirements are placed on the system at temperatures of up to 100 °C, including exposure to steam and chemicals. Perforated high grade steel guiding profiles were developed for extremely damp and, in the majority of cases, very slippery web surfaces, providing sufficient friction for precise web guiding even in these difficult conditions, and even at high web speeds of up to 100 m/min (for standard applications). Under special conditions a speed of up to 150 m/min is possible. A frequency-controlled additional drive can be mounted to overcome friction forces and to guarantee minimal web tension.

Contactless measuring of the stitch and thread density

The ELCOUNT system for the measurement of stitch and thread density uses a high-resolution smart CCD camera with integrated zoom, which enables optimum image resolution for any thread density. This is particularly important for high thread density and complex fabric structures. The camera is mounted at a distance of 136 mm from the web, which avoids problems caused by contamination and high fabric temperatures. The process is contactless and does not require a moving web, so it is also suitable for the laboratory.

Stand-alone width measuring

The exhibits will also include measuring systems, for example, a measuring system that can be used as a stand-alone system for monitoring and measuring the width of a fabric web while the process is running. For this purpose a wide band sensor of type FE 45 / FE 46 acquires the web edges by scanning using infrared LEDs. The sensor is available for a measuring range of up to 3400 mm, the accuracy of the width measurement is up to +/- 2 mm, depending on the condition of the web edge. In conjunction with a segmented roller guider of the ELSMART SWS or SWA type, the wide band sensor can also be used for edge and centre guiding.

Optimized guiding characteristics: the ELSMART SW 95 segmented roller guider with FE 45 wide band sensor (c) 2019 E+L
Optimized guiding characteristics: the ELSMART SW 95 segmented roller guider with FE 45 wide band sensor (c) 2019 E+L

Cutting technology, proven a thousand times

Apart from this E+L will present two ELCUT cutting systems: the BT 2535 tube slitter in combination with the FE 5204 matrix drop stitch sensor, which reliably detects a very wide range of different drop stitch forms, and the BTA80 edge cutter, of which more than 2500 pairs have been sold since it was launched in 2013. Due to the material savings that can be achieved in edge cutting, the device pays for itself within a very short time.

Customer-specific machines

In addition to standard automation systems and devices, Erhardt+Leimer offers a comprehensive range of complete machines such as infeed and exit systems, tube opening, impregnation, cutting and fabric inspection machines as well as padders, which are designed and manufactured for specific projects.

The E+L stand at the ITMA is in hall 1, stand C101.

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