ITMA 2015


SSM with 8 new products at ITMA in Milan

New SSM GIUDICI TG2-FT to be shown on ITMA 2015, (c) SSM
Eight new product launches and a total of fourteen applications will be showed. Totally new platform will be presented to the public for the first time.

SSM announces their participation of the forthcoming ITMA in Milan, Italy, from November 12th to 19th. ITMA, the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery, is continuing its successful story from Barcelona. In Milan the expectations are even higher and the whole Textile World is looking forward to it.

The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, will continue their tradition of trend-setting with the presentation of breakthrough technologies. With the introduction of the new XENO-platform, SSM is demonstrating their lead in the market. Six new product launches in the Winding & Doubling segments and two in False-Twist & Air-Texturing are showed for the first time.

Machines for the following applications will be on display:

  • Dye Package Winding/Rewinding
  • Assembly Winding (doubling)
  • Air Texturing
  • False Twist Texturing
  • Sewing Thread Finish Winding
  • Conventional Covering[LI:
The new SSM modular winding machine platform XENO combines dye package winding, rewinding and doubling applications with three different winding technologies. The XENO is available with counter rotating blades (XENO-BW), with friction drive system (XENO-FW) and with high quality SSM yarn guide system (XENO-YW). With the new platform, SSM is able to offer the three winding technologies for assembly winding as well (XENO-BD, XENO-FD and XENO-YD). Complying to the growing automation demand (due to increasing labor costs) all the XENO machines could be equipped with an automatic doffer system. Another advantage and benefit of the XENO platforms is the enhanced DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, enabling a 10-20% increase on dye package density with same dyeing recipe. The SSM XENO platform will be manufactured 100% in Switzerland for highest demands and quality.


The unique characteristics of tailor-made high performance yarns is helping such yarns to substitute other classical materials in large range of applications; thereby continually increasing the usage of technical textiles and consequently their consumption. The SSM DURO-TW precision winder for all technical yarns up to 50’000 dtex offers a new level of flexibility and winding quality in one machine; thereby ensuring the fulfilment of all customer requirements.


The assembly winder DURO-TD allows the plying of multiple ends/yarns; independently of them being of the same type or completely different. Optional intermingling guarantees loop-free twists as well as optimal unwinding during twisting. The ability to run closed precision winding enables higher package densities, thereby increasing the knot-free length.

From SSM GIUDICI the brand new TG2 machines will be shown. The TG2 platform is the next step of the well introduced TG1. It comes with an individual, frontal doffing system to allow double-sided concept of the machine (one full package and one empty tube in the cradle whilst a package is being processed).

The SSM GIUDICI TG2-FT false-twist texturing machine combines a proven texturing path along with a spacing saving machine design. The result is a machine for the cost efficient production of high quality Polyamide (down to 7 dtex), Polypropylene as well as fine count Polyester yarns. In combination with the TG2-FT the TG2-AT will be shown as well.

The SSM GIUDICI TG2-AT air texturing machine is designed for the cost efficient production of high quality air texturized yarns made of POY or FDY Polyester, Polyamide and Polypropylene and ranging from fine to medium final counts.

The SSM TK2-20 CT/KTE will be exhibited for Sewing Thread Finish Winding. It sets market standards in combining the established performance of the well-known THREAD KING series with the functionality and operational comfort of modern control and drive technology. The TK2-20 stands for first-class unwinding properties and fulfils the highest yarn processing requirements. Besides of the cone winding (CT) the latest technology for Kingspools (KTE) will be shown.

Pic: SSM-TK2-20-KTE

The TK2-20 KTE is a fully automatic Kingspool winder which certainly is the most flexible sewing thread finish winder for bonded filaments in the market. Thanks to the fastflex™ electronic yarn guide system, customers can change the traverse length, the spool size as well as the crossing ratio without big efforts.

Last but not least the SSM GIUDICI NOVA-CS will be shown for the first time in Europe. It takes the advantage of the disappearance or difficulties of European CCY machine producers to become niche leaders in the high-end segment. The single covering machine is designed for the production of high quality elastic single- covered yarns ranging from fine to medium final counts.


Besides of the presented application, SSM offers the new X-Series (PSX-W/D, PWX-W and TWX-W/D) for Dye Package Winding/Rewinding and Assembly Winding as well as the well-known machines for Air Covering, Draw Winding and Yarn Singeing.

As the market leader in these fields, SSM enjoys an excellent reputation. Furthermore, SSM maintains a worldwide service network that ensures the training of their customer’s staff and the maximum return on customer’s investments.

SSM look forward to inspiring and exciting discussions concerning open projects using their latest developments.

Visit SSM at ITMA 2015 in Hall 2 / Booth A101/102

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