SMIT TEXTILE at the International Textile Conference in Ichalkaranji - India

SMIT TEXTILE will attend the International Textile Conference organised by D.K.T.E. Society?s Textile Engineering Institute of Ichalkaranji ? India from February 16th till February 18th, 2007. The conference, developed in seven Technical Sessions, will be dedicated to recent advancements in textile processing machinery & technology. Popularly known as the "Manchester of Maharashtra State", Ichalkaranji represents one of the most prominent textile centres of India, registering a phenomenal growth of the textile & engineering industries in the last two decades.
Founded in 1982, the D.K.T.E. Institute has developed a rich tradition of excellence in the field of technical textile education, providing excellent infrastructural facilities and a highly qualified staff. As ?Industry driven College?, the Institute is committed to an intensive interaction with the industry, not only in India but also abroad, through projects consultancy, testing, textile R&D and training at various levels.
A deep collaboration with SMIT TEXTILE has been developed since many years and has been progressively translated into full D.K.T.E. trust in SMIT technology, concretely proved with the adoption of two machines for weaving laboratories: one GS900 rapier machine with Jacquard and one JS900 Air Jet machine with dobby shed control. SMIT TEXTILE expresses its recognition to D.K.T.E. Institute to have been involved in such important initiatives, supporting the education of specialised technicians and spreading innovative textile technologies in high potential areas.
The presence of SMIT TEXTILE at the International Textile Conference witnesses the commitment from both parties to continue the profitable and successful co-operation. SMIT TEXTILE, mark of tradition and innovation Since more than fifty years at the top of world-wide manufacturing of weaving machines; a team of designers with great expertise and competency, enriched by the experience made within prestigious multi-national Groups; deep know-how coming from the long-lasting and famous textile tradition of Venice Region, where SMIT was born. These are the cultural roots of SMIT TEXTILE weaving machines, renowned for the high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness among a large variety of applications, from garments fabrics - even the most sophisticated - to home textiles, terry cloths and technical fabrics.
SMIT TEXTILE product portfolio
SMIT TEXTILE?s own manufacturing concept is based on a modular design architecture, that allows the realisation of a diversified variety of weaving machines coming from a ?common platform?. In this way, both the advantages of specialisation and standardization are achieved.
GS900 rapier and JS900 air-jet weaving machines ensure superior fabric quality and productivity, with a focus on optimal yarn load control, performing outstanding insertion rates. The rapier machine G6300F for terry fabrics combines robust engineering design, state-of-the-art electronics and innovative terry weaving technology with unparalleled cost-efficiency.
The same modularity concept offers the widest choice of functional options and solutions for the technical fabrics production.
SMIT TEXTILE presence in India
SMIT TEXTILE has a long-established presence in India, where its product technical features combined with efficient service are highly appreciated. Many installations of weaving machines in India, particularly in the sectors of Apparel and Home Textiles, provide evidence of the successful soundness of SMIT TEXTILE technical and commercial proposals.
The plus of SMIT TEXTILE for Indian Market SMIT TEXTILE main goal is to continuously strengthen the relationship with Indian textile industry, providing Customers with an extensive range of pre- and after-sales support services in order to fully respond to the challenging growth of the important Indian market. SMIT TEXTILE operates trough its Sales Representative Bakubhai Ambalal with Service Centres in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore.
This network has recently been developed with the opening of a new Training Centre in Mumbai that provides customers with weaving trials, training and technical assistance. Starting from the commissioning, SMIT TEXTILE always stands close to its customers in order to maximise the performances, test new productions and optimise machine utilisation, proving to be the ideal partner for successful investments.
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lokal contact:
Bakubhai Ambalal Tel: +91 11 25920544 Fax: +91 11 25920545 mail: newdelhi@bakubhaiambalal. com
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