A new dimension in yarn creation - fancy intermingling option

The demand for fancy effects with Air-Textured Yarn (ATY) is increasing, so SSM has been working hard to offer yarn manufacturers more possibilities in this field. The result is a whole family of devices for producing fancy yarns with specific effects.

This option creates commingled yarn with fancy color effects. It is available for the DP5-T, making this machine even more versatile, and for the new SSM air-covering machine, the XENO-AC. It consists of a high-speed valve attached to an intermingling jet body that stops and restarts the air flow at a very high pace.

The principle is not new, but its availability on SSM single- position machines makes it much more attractive for users. Intermingled fancy yarns are generally produced in small to medium lot sizes. There is no need to dedicate a complete machine side for producing a small quantity, rather, only the necessary positions are used, which gives users the added flexibility they want.

Several types of fancy effects can be combined, for instance slub and VARIO, to produce even more complex design effects. Slubs in conjunction with VARIO effects can also be combined with the elastane feeding device to produce elastic air-textured yarns. The whole range of SSM devices and options allows for new types of designs, directly at the yarn stage, making the downstream processes (weaving, knitting) simpler and giving yarn producers powerful means of diversifying their offer and enhancing their competitiveness.

Fancy intermingling options (c) 2020 SSM
Fancy intermingling options (c) 2020 SSM

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