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Leading innovator Borealis files record number of patent applications in 2020

Researchers in Borealis’ Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria Photo: © Borealis
Borealis filed a total of 182 patent applications at the European Patent Office in 2020, breaking its own record of 179 in the previous year. With this achievement, Borealis cements its position as a pioneering innovator and industry leader in the fields of advanced and circular polyolefins, mechanical recycling of plastics, base chemicals and fertilizers.

Providing intelligent and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by society is a core Borealis mission. Patents play a crucial role in safeguarding visionary ideas when developing novel approaches, technologies, and applications.

Borealis' Innovation Head Quarter Atrium and Showroom in Linz, Austria © Borealis Photo: © Borealis
Borealis' Innovation Head Quarter Atrium and Showroom in Linz, Austria © Borealis Photo: © Borealis

“Re-inventing for more sustainable living is what drives us at Borealis,” says Borealis CEO Alfred Stern. “Breaking our own record in the number of patent applications is testimony to our dedication to creating value through innovation. We will continue to develop new technologies and novel, value-added products that enhance the circularity of plastics and thus benefit society as a whole.”

The 179 patent applications filed by Borealis in 2019 put the company at the top of the European Patents Office national rankings. In 2020 the company was able to top its own record with a total of 182 filings. In sum, the Borealis Group now possesses around 10,000 individual patents or patent applications which are subsumed in approximately 1,200 patent families. The growing number of patents underscores the company’s position as leading industry innovator.

Borealis CEO Alfred Stern Photo: © Borealis
Borealis CEO Alfred Stern Photo: © Borealis

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