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For every visitor attending the fairs ONE SQUARE METER OF SOIL will be rejuvenated

The production of natural, land-based fibers like cotton starts with a healthy soil, so the right farming practices used to make clothes and textiles are vital for achieving our climate targets. Improved soil health is just one of the many benefits brought by regenerative agriculture.

With the PERFORMANCE DAYS and Functional Fabric Fair by PERFORMANCE DAYS support, Raddis®Cotton farmers in South East India are actively able to transform their farmland from degenerative conventional mono-culture agriculture to a healthy regenerative organic eco-system approach.

“As we envision a textile and apparel industry that protects nature and restore biodiversity, we know that action is needed now. If we look at the alarming facts, we felt that we not only need to create awareness through our Forum and expert Talks, but we wanted to create positive impact ourselves and show a tangible example through collaboration with the Raddis System.” (Marco Weichert, General Manager of PERFORMANCE DAYS)

The Raddis® System: it all starts with a seed

Raddis® stands for Radically Disruptive and is world`s first regenerative food & fiber eco- system brand, that actively regenerate the environment, while improving vulnerable tribal women farmers` livelihood. The transparent “Seed-to-Shelf” cotton value chain secures a regenerative organic cotton supply for partners within the Raddis®System, simultaneously creating multiple positive impacts;

One acre of a Raddis®Farm, for example, has the potential to harvest approximately 500 kilos of raw cotton and sequester about 2-3 tonnes of carbon annually. Besides cotton, many other symbiotic seeds are part of this eco-system: maize, pulses, marigold, castor, chilli and garlic, supporting natural pest & disease management, and acting as a windbreaker. Improved biodiversity, soil water storage and increase of income for farmer families are other vital features of the regenerative Raddis®System.

Collaborate to regenerate

Raddis Brand- and Impact Catalyst Niccy Kol is proud on this collaboration between an Indian farmer family and the Performance Day’s family. “It is important that we connect people and build relationships throughout the value chain. Getting to know eachother’s stories, understanding the problems and enjoying mutual progress will give us an extra drive to actively transform our industry towards more good. Working with the family Weichert over 35 years already, this collaboration for sure is in many ways, the most valuable one. Our target is to support at least one farmer family with ca 1,5 acre farmland and involve many performance day’s visitors to rethink their own value chain.”

Curious about the actual execution?

The farm progress from sowing in Mai / June, the actual harvest in November / December and the production of the regenerative PERFORMANCE DAYS and Functional Fabric Fair by PERFORMANCE DAYS Tshirt will be shared via INSTA @performancedays and @Raddiscotton. At the fair you can visit @Raddis in the sustainability lounge for more information and Niccy will give an expert talk on March 16 at 17.00 “Collaborate to regenerate”

And it gets even better:

This is a common project of the PERFORMANCE DAYS fair in Munich in March and in America in Portland, OR in April which each visitor initiating the regeneration of one square meter of SOIL with their visit!

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