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New generation of MESDAN-LAB tensile STRENGTH testers - a complete range -

AUTOFIL © 2022 Mesdan
The revision of the popular TENSOLAB semi-automatic single-column strength tester was announced during the last ITMA with the introduction of the 4thgeneration, the TENSOLAB 4.

TENSOLAB 4 replaced the former model which several hundreds were sold worldwide in the past 20 years.

The new TENSOLAB 4 embodies a combination of the best ingredients:

latest technology, best electronics, new software & new accessories, stunning performances (in terms of capacity, versatility, accuracy and testing efficiency), Italian design.

AUTOFIL © 2022 Mesdan
AUTOFIL © 2022 Mesdan

The new TENSOLAB 4 represents the forefront of testing flexibility, being configurable for testing any kind of textile & leather material, from single and bundle fibers up to garment accessories and technical fabrics.

Based on the new structure of TENSOLAB 4, a new single-position automatic version was developed, the AUTODYN 3, endowed with the automatic yarn-loading device.

Ideal for the automatic multiple testing of a single bobbin/yarn package.

It can be used in the semi-automatic mode as well for testing all other materials, such as  fibers, threads, skeins, fabrics, etc..

And finally the latest innovation, the AUTOFIL, a fully automatic 24 positions yarn strength tester.

The integrated automatic cop feeding system, the built-in PC, its versatile applications, compact design and high testing speed are only few features that characterize the new AUTOFIL.

To complete the range, Mesdan offers two models of double column heavy-duty strength testers, TENSOLAB 1000 (10KN capacity) and TENSOLAB 5000 (50KN capacity), designed for high tenacity technical yarns and fabrics, ropes, straps and similar heavy materials.

Last but not least, the third generation of the well-known portable SPLICE SCANNER. The first model was launched 25 years ago, its success and popularity are unrivaled, from spinning to dye-houses.

The functional diversification, the product diffusion and its price fairness brought forward to rank MesdanLab range of strength testers among the most complete and popular worldwide.

Such a long presence of MesdanLab products across the global textile supply chain testifies, not only its leadership, but also its commitment to serve the textile industry with constant up-to-date technologies and improvements.

Mesdan is affiliated to major textile organizations (ITMF, ASTM, AATCC, SDC).

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