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Applied DNA and American & Efird to collaborate on new anti-counterfeiting sewing thread platform

Applied DNA Sciences announced that it is collaborating with American & Efird, (A&E), one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles, to utilize its CertainT® platform to develop secure sewing threads for brand protection.

Brands and Manufacturers can be certain that their products are authentic

“The CertainT Program is an innovative solution for brands and retailers in their supply chain.  A&E and Applied DNA Sciences together are creating new security applications for sewing thread benefitting from revolutionary SigNature® T DNA and Beacon® technology. Our customers are increasingly more vigilant and security minded.  DNA technology can protect a wide range of products, from luxury consumer brands to industrial applications where integrity of components is mission critical”. Les Miller, CEO, A&E, stated:  “We are excited to be collaborating with Applied DNA Sciences and developing cutting edge technology solutions for our customers.”

A&E has a long history of leading the thread industry, particularly working with the US government to ensure supply of Berry Amendment-compliant products, industrial and consumer brands that require stricter controls on product quality and integrity, and working with stakeholders globally to ensure they meet their corporate sustainability goals.

“Many products, from running shoes, to performance athleisure wear, to luxury brands, can benefit from a secure sewing thread.  A&E’s extensive portfolio of products combined with the CertainT platform provide a powerful opportunity to provide a trusted solution for customers who need a true anti-counterfeiting brand protection solution,” stated Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA.

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