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Seamless chic swimsuit demonstrates the performance of the new RASCHELTRONIC®

KARL MAYER is continually adapting its RASCHELTRONIC® range to the needs of the market. With adjusted performance profiles, the efficient raschel machines are intended to give customers the edge in their usually dynamic business fields.

Sunny prospects with the RJ 5/1 N

It was only at the end of last year that the manufacturer launched a highly productive model, the RJ 5/1 N, which sets trends in the production of chic lingerie articles and inelastic, lace-like fabrics. Now stylish swimwear from KARL MAYER’s Textile Product Development department shows the potential of this five-bar newcomer. The RJ 5/1 N can be used to produce typical RSJ articles, such as locknit produced with three guide bars, SpotNet qualities and elastic or rigid Powernet qualities, and to create effective seamless constructions. Front and back parts are produced directly on the machine, into which opaque areas and open pattern parts are alternately incorporated as required, and even lettering is seamlessly incorporated. Appropriately designed leg, neck and back cut-outs can also be integrated and do not require seams thanks to the free-cut design. Only the side seams need to be closed as part of the confectioning process.

However, it is not only the making up that is efficient, but also the textile production itself. The RJ 5/1 N reaches a maximum speed of 1,100 rpm and is therefore just as fast as the previous five-bar RASCHELTRONIC®, the RSJ 5/1. The finished fabric for the swimsuit developed by KARL MAYER was produced at a speed of 12.8 m/h. Like the RSJ 5/1, the new raschel machine also works with four ground bars and one split jacquard bar. The patterning is done by a standard N gear. It is also offered in gauges E 28 and E 32. However, the RJ 5/1 N, which is produced at KARL MAYER (CHINA), is superior to the established model in terms of its priceperformance ratio. “The RJ 5/1 N is up to 60 % better than the RSJ 5/1 in terms of investment per production. We expect that it will become established with customers in the five-bar RASCHELTRONIC® sector,” says Sascha Müller, Product Owner Local Lace & Raschel at KARL MAYER.

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