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KARL MAYER wowed a Chinese business delegation with the widest HKS in the world.

Delegation China (c) 2018 KARL MAYER
Anyone visiting the world market leader can expect superlatives: On 2 July 2018, KARL MAYER, the number one manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, welcomed a 14-member delegation from China's warp knitting stronghold Haining, Zhejiang province, with the world's widest high-performance tricot machine.

So wide so good

The record HKS 3-M has a working width of 280". Compared to the previously available standards, the width expansion makes it possible to produce webs of different widths with a higher number of webs. This performance impressed the visitors.

The delegation consisted of heads of the Haining Economic and Information Technology Bureau and managing directors of companies in the textile industry and other sectors.

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