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A high speed boost for Spunlace lines- Autefa Solutions Injection Card and Crosslapper CL 4006 SL

(c) 2018 AUTEFA Solution - Crosslapper Topliner
In the past months, Autefa Solutions has again sold several card- crosslapper combinations into the Chinese market, which will boost the speed and production in existing and new spunlace lines.

The main challenge in such high speed lines is to keep fibers at any time and process stage under control. Autefa Solutions Injection card enables (Drylaid) web forming at very high production. The Injection Card uses a unique combination of mechanical and aerodynamic principle for a gentle fiber treatment. This carding concept joins some benefits of the cotton card with the advantages of traditional cards with workers and strippers. On the main cylinder, the traditional mechanical principle using workers and strippers has been replaced by an aerodynamic principle. The fibers are taken off the worker rollers by an aerodynamic effect generated by specifically shaped devices, that are replacing the traditional strippers. This avoids considerable mechanical stress on the fibers which results in less fiber shortening and less nep formation. The Injection Card delivers a quality web at the highest productions with a better MD/CD.

With the Topliner CL4006 SL Autefa Solutions offers a crosslapper with special features for the Spunlace application. Highest layering speeds and precise weight distribution are possible thanks to the integrated drafting unit, compensation belt, antistatic equipment and new designed transport aprons. These features are very important especially for lightweight applications in spunlace lines and ensures the infeed speed up to 130 m/min.

Autefa Solutions high speed webforming sub-system, consisting of Injection card and Crosslapper CL4006 SL supports customers to keep or extend their leadership in the highly competitive Spunlace market.

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