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Mathis AG completes its product range

(c) Mathis AG : SmartScan
Mathis AG will be displaying its products from the Dyeing manufacturing division on its exhibition stand. Products from the world renowned «LABOMAT», Steamers, a complex «Continuous Ribbon Dyeing and Finishing Installation» a continuous lab coating range as well as the very successful SMART LIQUOR® for the spectrophotometric analysis of the dyebath and different test equipment will be on display.
Mathis SmartScan – a novel system for the objective assessment of colour fastness values
SmartScan is a scanner-based instrument which accurately and reproducibly measures colour fastness values, such as fastness to washing, to water, to rubbing etc. Since it is a digital system, its values are objective and independent of the user – unlike subjective measurements of fastness values under a light booth.

SmartScan can grade colour changes and colour staining of any fastness test equivalent to ISO 105-A04 and A05. Optionally, it is also possible to evaluate light fastness tests according to the 8-step blue wool standard (ISO 105-B02).
SmartScan is a test method accredited according to ISO 17025 as equivalent to a spectrophotometric evaluation.

SmartScan may also be used to assess the colour differences of each individual colour in multi-coloured prints.

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