RadiciGroup at INDEX with new nonwovens

RadiciGroup's nonwoven innovations are on display at the INDEX trade fair (stand 2629), to be held from 19 to 22 October 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. Active in the spunbond production business for more than 30 years with the dylar® product line, the Group is introducing Respunsible®, a reduced environmental impact spunbond made from recycled polypropylene, and radimelt™, the brand name for the Group’s line of meltblown nonwovens and composite materials (e.g., SMS).

Enhanced portfolio with spunbond from recyclate and meltblown: sustainability and performance, the keywords at the fair 

“Compared to the last edition of the fair," said Enrico Buriani, CEO of the RadiciGroup Nonwovens Business Line, "we are introducing new products that, on the one hand, satisfy the ever-increasing demand for sustainability coming from our target markets, and, on the other hand, meet the need for local European industries to manufacture meltblown nonwoven, a material with extremely high filtering properties, until recently mostly imported from Asia.” Mr. Buriani continued: “Additionally, during the pandemic, we set out to use our dylar® as the main component of protective gowns for medical use. Starting from scratch and in record time, we set up a local supply chain for the production of personal protective equipment that is still going strong today and has led to the creation of a new business. In short, today we are at INDEX with a much more varied offering, which, I am proud to say, once again demonstrates the resilience of our Group."

Respunsible® is a spunbond made from recycled polypropylene, a material appreciated for its excellent chemical properties and its versatility. Its high technical performance makes it suitable for any application, even the most demanding ones in terms of resistance and duration.

Radimelt™ is the brand name identifying the Group’s meltblown nonwovens, materials used for the manufacture of protective face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). This nonwoven fabric has excellent filtration performance even for microscopic particles, such as viruses, and ensures breathability and protection.

In 2020, the Group made a sizeable investment in a new technologically advanced meltblown production line. The machinery is very versatile and can produce products endowed with special technical characteristics, not only from polypropylene but also other polymers, such as polyester, polyamide and TPU polymers, products that find application in the medical and filtration sectors.

“At the fair, we are exhibiting samples of our main products," Mr. Buriani concluded. "But, above all, we will be at our customers disposal, ready to work together to come up with tailor-made solutions that meet specific requirements, both in terms of product quality and performance and in terms of sustainability, the circular economy and a reduction in environmental impact. Our production site is certified according to the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards and is 100% powered by green energy from the Group hydroelectric plants.”

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