NIRI experts at the cutting edge of nonwoven technology and sharing new developments at this season’s industry events

Surfaceskins self-cleaning alcohol gel product ranges © 2021 NIRI
After the inevitable delays due to COVID, experts from the Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI) are looking forward to joining colleagues and clients at Virtual RISE 2021 and INDEX 20.

For RISE 2021, and in its new hybrid format, 28th – 30th September, Dr. Matthew Tipper, CEO at NIRI, will be presenting the latest thoughts on innovating a sustainable future for nonwovens; a European perspective. Over 70 percent of materials used in the manufacture of nonwovens are synthetic - there is a clear need and demand for more sustainable nonwovens, and key aligning factors include a growing consumer awareness of the use of plastics in products; the impact of the EU directive on single-use plastics; ocean microplastics, and the increasing awareness of extended producer responsibility for clothing producers. Matt comments,

“At NIRI, we have extensive expertise and an applied research focus on sustainability and the development of new technologies for nonwovens. For example, one of our most recent initiatives involves partners from across Europe and the US, using NIRI’s state-of-the-art facilities to explore the feasibility for sustainable fabric production for zero carbon fashion – a significant issue for consumers and the textile and fashion industries, alike. It will be refreshing and positive to present our work at Virtual RISE this year, and to engage in discussions with industry peers and partners, looking at the impact of the changes happening in Europe as well as exploring the response of the European nonwovens industry to a dynamic landscape.”

Dr Ross Ward © 2021 NIRI
Dr Ross Ward © 2021 NIRI

In October, Matt will be representing NIRI along with Dr. Ross Ward, New Business Development Manager, at INDEX 20, postponed from last year. Matt will be leading a seminar on infection prevention, with a presentation on nonwoven-enabled hand hygiene devices for infection control. This builds on NIRI’s experience with the development of Surfaceskins and their self-cleaning alcohol gel product ranges. Matt explains,

“Optimal hand hygiene may be compromised by contact with contaminated environmental surfaces. The in-vitro efficacy of nonwoven-enabled alcohol-release door pad – Surfaceskins – during handheld contact was investigated and found to reduce surface contamination of S. aureus, E. faecalis and E. coli for up to seven days. Evidence of increasing healthcare worker use of alcohol had gel dispensers following the installation of Surfaceskins doorplates in two operating theatre suites will form part of NIRI’s presentation at INDEX this year.”

Dr Matthew Tipper © 2021 NIRI
Dr Matthew Tipper © 2021 NIRI

Ross will be at INDEX presenting NIRI’s latest developments in adsorbent technology for high-performance nonwoven applications. NIRI has developed a nonwoven adsorbent technology for selective filtration of atoms, molecules, compounds and particles from gaseous and liquid environments. The engineered nonwoven can be tailored depending upon the nature and volume of unwanted matter, specific application, carrier fluid and separation requirements. Ross comments on the presentation for INDEX,

“I’ll be detailing case studies of how our technology can be adapted for different applications, including capturing SARS-CoV-2 on PPE to reduce the risk of viral transfer between staff and patients in a healthcare setting. The technology has the potential to enhance the performance of a broad range of nonwoven products and is currently being developed for multiple high-performance applications, such as blood filtration, wound care, air filtration and wastewater filtration.”

To find out more about NIRI’s commercial R&D services and developments in nonwoven technology, join us at RISE 21 or INDEX 20, or contact us:

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