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iNTERSPARE Lubricants presents simple ways to increase productivity at KNIT-TECH

Vincent Feindt, Product Manager at iNTERSPARE Lubricants (c) 2017 iNTERSPARE
At KNIT-TECH 2017 in Tirupur, iNTERSPARE Lubricants from Germany, a manufacturer of market-leading lubricants for textile finishing and knitting production, will demonstrate how the productivity of textile machinery can be significantly increased by using its lubricants and iNTERSPARE’s expertise.
iNTERSPARE Lubricants, which will be exhibiting at stands B11 and B12, especially hopes to demonstrate to the textile companies that are so vital to the industry in Tirupur how to make full use of the potential of their textile machinery, as well as how best to handle the considerable strain on components and parts in order to keep downtime and outages to an absolute minimum. This applies not just to iNTERSPARE textile machines from the Artos, Babcock and Krantz product lines but also to a multitude of other machines, such as stenter frames and circular knitting machines made by any manufacturer.

Product manager Vincent Feindt, iNTERSPARE’s specialist for lubricants, said in this regard that “lubricants are, in my opinion, still undervalued by many companies. It is such an effective and simple means with which to improve a machine’s productivity. For example, it makes a huge difference whether one uses standard oil or our high-temperature chain oil, which is specially developed for lubricating chains in stenter frames. The cost-benefit ratio is enormous, and at KNIT-TECH we can explain and demonstrate in just five minutes to any textile producer why switching to iNTERSPARE Lubricants is always worthwhile.”

For more than 15 years now, iNTERSPARE Lubricants has been developing lubricants that are specifically adapted to the individual components of textile machinery, and has further developed these lubricants in collaboration with leading chemists, textile companies and textile machinery manufacturers. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of spare parts for stenter frames and other textile finishing machines, iNTERSPARE has also crucially been able to integrate their expertise into the development process and keep moving forwards with continual improvements. 

As a world-leading supplier of spare parts, iNTERSPARE is acutely aware of the importance of lubricants.

Managing Director of iNTERSPARE, Dirk Polchow: “We have delivered several hundred thousand replacement parts all over the world during the last two decades, and we were almost always able to ascertain why a part had broken. Often this was a result of insufficient or incorrect lubrication, as well as being due to the use of substandard lubricant products. Our iNTERSPARE Lubricants are decisive in helping to improve and extend the operational performance of a part.”

Ultimately, iNTERSPARE Lubricants provides a portfolio of oils, lubricants and sprays which were purposefully optimised for the lubrication of very specific components and possess the corresponding certification.

Numerous application tests and practical experience testify to the excellent operational capabilities of the lubricant products created by iNTERSPARE Lubricants. These products meet the highest quality standards, meaning that for many years now, customers in more than 90 countries have been able to use our lubricants with great satisfaction.

iNTERSPARE Lubricants is exhibiting together with iNTERSPARE at KNIT-TECH on stand B11/B12, and is greatly looking forward to having the opportunity to convince many visitors of the improvements in productivity that its lubricant products are able to bring.

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