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iNTERSPARE brings Babcock and Artos back to Techtextil

The iNTERSPARE ARTOS Unistar (c) 2017 ARTOS iNTERSPARE Textilmaschinen
The German iNTERSPARE Textilmaschinen will present their machine portfolio of the textile finishing line ARTOS / Babcock textile machines at Techtextil in Frankfurt. The focus is on the iNTERSPARE ARTOS Unistar stenter, which is particularly suitable for weaving equipment and allows permanent production at high chain tension.
Managing Director Dirk Polchow says: "We are very much looking forward to the trade fair and are eager to get to know the special flair as an exhibitor. For us as a textile machinery manufacturer, it is important to be close to our customers. With our attendance at the Techtextil we would like to take the opportunity to learn more about the specific challenges the industry is experiencing and how we can help with our solutions.

The heat treatment process in technical textiles and nonwovens is a special task and therefore also needs higher standards in machine design and machine operation. We are convinced our further developed Artos UNISTAR addresses these challenges perfectly and is exactly the right machine for many applications.

And we think the industry is also looking forward to us, as Artos and Babcock textile machines have a very high level of brand awareness and many companies have been using them for a long time for technical textiles."

The heart of the ARTOS Unistar is the legendary horizontal chain. It is a lubrication-free sliding pieces chain with enormous capability of resistance. Especially in high transverse tension processes the chain proves its superiority. The chain is suitable for high impacts and extreme cross tensions and exceeds with these characteristics the requirements of coating and carpet.

Because of the synthetic sliding pieces and synthetic bushes there is no need of lubricants inside the chain rails and there are no wear parts inside the chain rails. This also means there is no oil and grease which may get into the dryer, because of this special chain.

Another advantage of the ARTOS horizontal chain is the very short down time period. For the exchange of parts of the chain it is not necessary to wait until the dryer has cooled down. The chain can be pulled out of the dryer, the chain parts can be exchanged and an alternative chain can be inserted into the machine.

Long running times and minimal costs are further advantages. Since many years the patented Econ-Air energysystem fulfills also today’s requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability. It utilizes the inserted thermal energy in the most efficient way.

Meet the iNTERSPARE team at Booth J08 in Hall 3.0. 

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