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Durst is back in business – Phase II

(c) 2020 Durst
Durst was able to resume partial operations at the beginning of April, as the printing systems for the label and packaging industry were classified as systemically important. Now the Italian government has launched phase 2 to resume public life.

As an export-oriented company, Durst - starting immediately and in compliance with all necessary safety regulations - can start up production. On May 4 at the latest, the majority of the Durst’ler can be reached again at the headquarters in Brixen and the Customer Experience Center is then available again for customer appointments, machine demonstrations and acceptance tests.

Of course, Durst does not expect an immediate return to "normality", which is why concepts for virtual presentations and webcasts have been developed in the past few weeks and are now being implemented in a timely manner for interaction with the stakeholders.

Durst will provide information on the respective offers and measures on the website and on social channels. Of course, international customers can also contact the global Durst branches for individual inquiries and priorities.

Durst announced they will support these meetings as best they can with the technical possibilities in the Durst headquarters and Customer Experience Center. They are really looking forward to phase 2 and the opportunity to take the next step into normality with new interaction options.

Welcome back!

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