A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Blumenberger Straße 143 – 145
41016 Moenchengladbach
Company Profile
A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of textile machines and ranges for dyeing and finishing of woven and knitted goods on the world market. The export share is more than 90%. Nearly one hundred agencies represent the textile machinery sector within all textile centres in the world.
Supply Program
Dyeing machines and apparatus
Continuous dyeing machines for other fabrics
Padding mangles

Water extraction machines
Roller squeezers

Tentering and drying machines
Tentering and stentering machines
Loop dryers, festoon dryers
Other tentering and drying machines
Float dryers
Hot flues
Tensionless and conveyor dryers
Infrared dryers
Equalizing machines
Continuous tumblers
Felt calenders

Finishing machines
Other finishing machines
Shrinking machines
Coating machines
Padding and impregnating machines

Equipment for recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention and accessories
Heat Recovery Systems

Machinery for bonding and finishing of nonwovens
Thermal bonding machines
Company Products
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