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Haelixa and Trudel Silk to bring full traceability and transparency

Haelixa, the trailblazer of physical traceability solutions, has partnered with Trudel Silk, the worldwide market leader for sustainable organic and recycled silk products. This collaboration brings traceability and transparency to silk production, providing consumers with peace of mind and assurance of the ethical practices used in making their products.

Silk is one of the finest and smoothest fabrics; the better the quality of the silk, the more luxurious it feels to the touch. To create the best quality silk, the conditions for mulberry cultivation must be up to the highest standards. A healthy micro-ecosystem in the fields translates to top-grade silk cocoon quality. At Trudel, this is the environment they have created for the vertical integration of their business. Trudel aims to succeed at every stage of the process, which can only be accomplished through the active involvement and visible cooperation of all market players. These players include farmers, reeling mills, twisting/spinning mills, weaving mills, dyeing and printing mills, and brands. They are involved in every step, from the cultivation of mulberry trees to the production of silk fabrics.

“Trudel’s partnership with Haelixa marks a milestone for our sustainability strategy. Ensuring full traceability and transparency along the whole silk production chain is a key requirement for our customers and their consumers,” commented Riccardo Pfenninger-Fabro, President of Trudel Group. He added, “I am delighted that our strong commitment is finally paying off, allowing us to offer unique silk products exclusively to the fashion industry.”

Haelixa and Trudel have collaborated to improve silk’s robust and consistent traceability. As the demand for validation of the silk value chain increases, they have partnered with groups from Italy and Asia to develop a unique solution that uses DNA markers to trace the entire supply chain of silk production. This innovative approach ensures each silk product’s ethical sourcing.

The partnership between Haelixa and Trudel is a significant step towards promoting best practices for luxury brands. By providing full traceability, consumers can make informed choices about the products they purchase while supporting companies like Trudel and highlighting ethical supply chains. This relationship is a testament to their dedication to sustainability and sets a new standard for the industry.

The silk fibers used in their spun silk yarns are marked with a specific DNA per farm set selected by Trudel. Throughout the supply chain, samples of yarn, fabrics, and finished products undergo testing to verify the presence of original silk fibers. Based on the reporting, the brand can trace the finished accessories or garments to Trudel.

“The work with Trudel represents a significant step in the provenance of their silk,” said Gediminas Mikutis, CTO of Haelixa. “Trudel’s deep know-how of the silk value chains and commitment to innovation drives the future of the silk industry.” Using Haelixa’s advanced solution, Trudel provides consumers with detailed information about the origin and circularity of the silk they purchase.

The collaboration between Haelixa and Trudel showcases their shared dedication to monitoring and verifying every supply chain step. It gives luxury brands the power to choose the most transparent and sustainable materials for their fashion houses.

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