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Ahlstrom launches new FibRoc® performance solutions

Together in cooperation with customers, Ahlstrom has developed a new portfolio that consists of the most effective solutions for the plasterboard market. FibRoc® Plasterboard is a new offering of protective and durable solutions for high performance plasterboard applications. What differentiates it from other solutions on the market is that it is a combination of glass, synthetic and natural fibres, delivering excellent dimensional stability, good protection, durability and reduced environmental impact in all high performance application areas.

“Our high performance solutions for plasterboards deliver excellent fire and moisture resistance,” says Pierre Mary, Vice President, Nonwovens. “Delivering protection against flame spread, protecting against moisture and producing no mold growth in wet and humid environments, ensuring better indoor air quality.” he adds.

“Our extensive and sustainable product range also reduces environmental impact through options for formaldehyde and fluorocarbon free solutions, decreasing the use of chemicals,” adds Pekka Helynranta, Vice President, Glass Fiber Tissue. “Our unique manufacturing and technological platforms enable flexible product development delivering customized solutions tailor-made to customer’s needs” Pierre and Pekka conclude.

FibRoc® Plasterboard, new offering of protective and durable solutions for high performance plasterboard applications

Ahlstrom is a leading, global manufacturer of high performance, fibre-based solutions, supplying products to the building and construction industry for over 40 years. Following previous launches of Fibroc® Ceiling and Fibroc® Flooring, Ahlstrom is pleased to announce the third portfolio launch of Fibroc® Plasterboard.

Fibroc® is a range of high performance materials for durable applications. It is an evolving platform, where specific portfolios will be rolled out, delivering optimum customer benefits for targeted building applications.

FibRoc® Plasterboard offers a wide range of solutions for different application areas:

Interior – Fire Resistance, Interior – Moisture Resistance, Semi Exterior – Fire and Moisture Resistance, Exterior – Fire and Moisture Resistance.

Security of supply is delivered through the main Fibroc® manufacturing platforms of Karhula (Finland) and Brignoud (France), in addition to Malmedy (Belgium) and Ställdalen (Sweden). New manufacturing line at the Madisonville plant, USA will be starting Spring 2023. All plants are fully certified for quality (ISO 9001), safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental (ISO 14001) standards.

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