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RadiciGroup is exhibiting at Performance Days

Performance Days is a trade fair dedicated to the latest trends and innovations in yarns, fabrics and accessories. For this reason, RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area could not possibly miss this event – taking place on 3 and 4 November in Munich, Germany – to showcase the best of its offerings to industry operators.

During the fair, the Group is highlighting its contribution to the sustainability of the entire textile value chain 

Sustainability is the main ingredient of the textile solutions proposed by the Group, which is increasingly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its processes and all its products for use in different sectors, such as sportswear, athleisure, workwear and safety.

“Our fibres are produced in Europe,” emphasized Marco De Silvestri, sales and marketing head of the Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area. “We have strong control over upstream production, especially in the polyamide area where we are vertically integrated with the Group’s chemical plants. This guarantees the quality and complete traceability of the polymers and the rigorous environmental impact measurement of our entire product portfolio. Furthermore, we position ourselves as a partner for our customers who are committed to the development of innovative circular solutions with no compromise on technical performance, which is central to our target application sectors.”

RadiciGroup has a strong offering of solution dyed products, that is, materials dyed during extrusion, a process that not only reduces the use of water and energy, but also ensures better colourfastness over time. This technique can be implemented for both virgin materials and materials that optimize technical and environmental performance: Renycle®, Repetable® and Biofeel® are the trade names of our products obtained from recycled nylon, recycled polyester and biomaterials, respectively.

“Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of products are ongoing,” Mr. De Silvestri concluded, “and are strengthened by our partnerships with other players in the supply chain who, like us, make sustainability the key word of their business strategy.”

RadiciGroup's collaboration with Fibrant, a company specializing in the production of chemical intermediates, including Ecolactam®, featuring a smaller carbon footprint, will enable the Group to further improve its emissions performance. Thanks to the farsighted choices and actions implemented, RadiciGroup has slashed groupwide greenhouse gas emissions by 70% over the last decade, from about 700,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year to about 200,000 tonnes. And the goal is continuous improvement by investing in cutting-edge technologies and focusing on sustainable value chains.

These and other topics will be discussed on Thursday, 3 November, at 15:45 pm, by Loris Maestri, R&D product development engineer of the Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area, who will give a presentation entitled “RadiciGroup approach to sustainability”.

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