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Picanol is excited to announce that some new features have been released on PicConnect, our online platform offering digital services.

Firstly, the action center application has been introduced in PicConnect. The action center allows weavers to design, execute, and monitor a maintenance plan for the Picanol machines. They can find a complete overview of all upcoming jobs in PicConnect and the logbook gives them a summary of everything that has happened on the machine in the past.

Furthermore, the production monitoring application has been expanded: weavers can now monitor the status of their warp beams and the progress of the orders that are woven. This data can be leveraged to ensure that the next warp beam or order is lined up to minimize downtime.

Another new feature is the ability to export production and energy monitoring data out of PicConnect. This enables integration between PicConnect and third-party systems, such as the ERP system.

Lastly, machine temperatures are now also centrally available in PicConnect under the energy monitoring application, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity, which are measured on the machine. This allows weavers to better understand the climate throughout their weaving mill.

Request access

Interested weavers should contact their local After Market Sales Representative who will explain to them in detail what this can mean for  their weaving mill. Every Picanol customer enjoys free access to the PartsLine webshop* and a basic version of the style administration application and the file management system.

*Access to our PartsLine webshop depends on the country you are located in, so please contact your local After Market Sales Representative for more information.

You can read more about these functionalities via the following link: https://www.picanol.be/machines-features/picconnect

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