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Picanol presenting weaving innovation and sustainability in technical textiles at Techtextil

(c) 2024 Picanol - Ultimax Rapier weaving machine
Technical textiles are one of the pillars in the long-term product strategy of Picanol, a world’s leading manufacturer of weaving machines. On the one hand, the unique combination of revolutionary product platforms in rapier and airjet weaving technology and the digital platform PicConnect, and on the other hand dedicated solutions for technical fabrics offer customers the best of all worlds: reliability, performance, and flexibility – in the most sustainable way

The all-new, revolutionary Ultimax rapier weaving machine

Picanol’s all-new and revolutionary rapier weaving machine, the Ultimax, focuses on three main benefits: ultimate performance and high-quality output, readiness for the sustainability requirements of tomorrow, and the greatest ease of use thanks to a maximum level of digitalization. In addition, the classic Picanol exterior design of the machine has been radically disrupted in order to make it clear from the outside just how revolutionary the Ultimax is on the inside. The Ultimax excels in the fields of performance and quality, it has been designed with sustainability as the baseline, and the high degree of digitization results in a previously unseen ease of use.

OptiMax-i Connect rapier weaving machine

The predecessor of the Ultimax, the OptiMax-i Connect rapier weaving machine remains available for specific applications for weaving technical textiles, up to 540 cm.

(c) 2024 Picanol - OptiMax-i Connect rapier weaving machine
(c) 2024 Picanol - OptiMax-i Connect rapier weaving machine

OmniPlus-i Connect airjet weaving machine

Picanol recently launched a speed increase on its airjet platform, the OmniPlus-i Connect. This is another example of how Picanol sets the benchmark in the industry. With the brand-new leno system, the o-Leno, smart performance, user-friendliness, and intuitive control are combined optimally. Picanol also offers a dedicated version of this airjet machine for tire cord applications, the OmniPlus-i TC Connect.

(c) 2024 Picanol - OmniPlus-i Connect airjet weaving machine
(c) 2024 Picanol - OmniPlus-i Connect airjet weaving machine

Digital innovations in PicConnect

With PicConnect, Picanol is centralizing its digital tools and services in one new fully digital platform. Those visiting Techtextil Frankfurt will be able to discover all the benefits and latest features of PicConnect to leverage the full extent of the possibilities offered by Picanol weaving machines.

(c) 2024 Picanol -  PicConnect
(c) 2024 Picanol - PicConnect

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