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Garmon presents the new OVD dyes collection

Garmon Chemicals takes another leap forward and introduces in its offer the new OVD dyes collection. Showcased for the rst time at the Dutch denim expo, the range includes 22 direct dyes reaching extraordinary color effects. A versatile line, offering signi cant advantages both in terms of sustainability and saving of resources.

At the Kingpins Show Amsterdam, the brand new range of direct dyes delivers shades of style and brings garment dyeing processes to the next level.

This new proposal makes the most of Garmon unique know-how on garment  nishing, to broaden the perspective while offering a complete range of solutions. The result is a product range of superior quality aimed at satisfying requests from the most demanding buyers.

Italian creativity, high quality and constant innovation matched with a strong commitment towards humans and the planet are the pillars guiding the new path chosen by the company. A path in which being part of Kemin Industries proves fundamental, thanks to the support given by over 100 scientists and researchers involved in R&D projects for the Group.

OVD dyes: a superior quality range, in every way

The new collection made in Garmon offers a selection of dyes with excellent dischargeability, to achieve perfect results without aesthetic compromises.

OVD dyes are used in cationized dyeing processes on garment, where surface deposition of the colour on fabric is required. They deliver amazing vintage looks characterized by high contrasts on abraded areas.

Moreover, OVD dyes are pillars of conventional direct dyeing processes, where it is exploited their capability to directly dye the  ber, providing a deep and even distribution of the colour.

This new proposal combines a perfect aesthetic output with enormous advantages in terms of sustainability. When comparing conventional direct dyeing with reactive dyes (the most adopted on the market), direct dyeing with OVD dyes allows for signi cant process improvements:

  • only 5 process steps instead of 8 (on average)
  • minimum number of auxiliaries
  • lower quantity and higher performance of both dyes and auxiliaries
  • much easier corrections for final shades

OVD dyes are compliant with the international regulations and RSL of the most demanding brands. They achieve remarkable savings of resources: 

(c) 2018 Garmon
(c) 2018 Garmon

Stretch care: innovation continues

On the prestigious stage of the Kingpins Show, Garmon brings new features into the Stretch Care collection as well. Launched in April 2018, the line dedicated to the world of nishing on denim stretch is enhanced with new developments. They have been brought in by The Italian Job, Garmon creative lab, ensuring the inimitable Italian touch matched with a striving attention to detail.

In this way two products that until now were in a pre-launch phase enter their nal stage: Elam Sense and Fortres Flex. Elam Sense is the softener for high-quality nishes on super and hyper stretch fabrics, completely aminoethyl-ethanolamine (AEEA) free. Fortres Flex is an outstanding dispersing agent that performs at its best even at low temperature. Thanks to the selection of innovative raw materials, the product proves very effective for the protection of fabrics elastomer.

“Garmon commitment is once again con rmed to be geared towards quality excellence.” – con rms Donald Mulazzani, Marketing and Business Development Director of Garmon Chemicals – “The effort that the company dedicates to product innovation and constant research for eco-centric solutions is supported by the unmatched Garmon expertise in anticipating its customers’ needs”

The new OVD dyes collection (c) 2018 Garmon
The new OVD dyes collection (c) 2018 Garmon

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