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Garmon introduces smart foam, the technology that makes water saving easy as blowing bubbles

Result of a collaboration between three leading companies across the garment finishing market, smart foam simplifies the sustainable practices, helping suppliers of any segment achieve their sustainability goals.

Garmon, the brand for chemical solutions for the denim and fashion industry owned by Kemin Industries, launches smart foam at The Kingpins Show in Amsterdam.

Through an innovative patented technology, smart foam has the goal of revolutionizing garment finishing. The system is designed to minimize natural resource consumption, making sustainable garment production easy and accessible.


smart foam is a patented technology, a result of a collaboration of Garmon, Itaclab and Mactec, three leading companies across the garment finishing industry.

With smart foam the chemical carrier is not water, but a special foam created with a combination of new technologies:

  • Garmon’s tested and selected range of chemicals
  • easyfoam and easyfoam pro, Garmon’s special foaming agents
  • foam generating equipment recommended by Garmon

The smart foam system can be used to create everything from traditional finishes to unique fashion concepts and styles.


The main benefit of smart foam is the great reduction of water and energy consumption.

Compared to traditional washing processes, the application of chemicals through smart foam allows savings of up to 80% of water. All the treatments are performed at room temperature, therefore reducing the energy required.

Moreover, when combined with Garmon certified chemicals, smart foam can be used to perform treatments fully compliant with greenofchange®requirements.

Overall, smart foam helps suppliers of any segment achieve their sustainability goals, to better serve the fast-moving fashion industry.

(c) 2019 Garmon
(c) 2019 Garmon


smart foam has been designed to be the easiest and most affordable system to save water in garment finishing, making the technological investment accessible to any industrial laundry.

Compared to nebulization systems, smart foam is up to 3 times faster to load chemicals in the washing machine, and it doesn’t require a sealed equipment, allowing technicians to interrupt finishing treatments and check garments with safety and ease. For this reason, any type of washing machine - from the traditional to the advanced - can be utilized with the smart foam equipment and process.

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