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TANATEX presents functionalised inks at Techtextil

How can we help textile professionals anticipate consumer trends, digitalisation and sustainability all at the same time? That’s the question TANATEX experts ask themselves when developing a new product. It’s this mindset that resulted in a range of interesting concepts, such as Qi-tex®, Insect Proof and more recently: functionalised inks for digital technology (valve jet printing). Want to see what these and other disruptive technologies looks like in real life? Meet the experts at Techtextil 2019 (Hall 3.0, F80), and learn about their latest pilot projects! Below, we’ll give you a sneak peek.

Get functional with finishes

Increasingly often, functional finishes must be applied on a selected part of the fabric, or integrated in the design. Examples are anti-odour finishes for the armpits, insect protection at the inside of a collar, stain repellents applied to the front of a shirt, and anti-abrasion for the elbow zone. You can imagine the applications in home textiles as well. TANATEX says their experts found the ultimate chemical solution to perfectly integrate functionalised finishes by printing it on the fabric. Although in the development phase, it’s already breaking ground in the textile industry.

Get moth and mosquito-free

The TANATEX Insect Proof concept is an innovative and well-known functional finish for the apparel market. Companys can use the solution to protect their customers against harmful insects or to safe their woollen carpets from moths. The TANATEX experts have a wide experience with the applicable EU regulations, so feel free to ask them burning questions.

Try on a Qi-tex® T-shirt

Do you want to make your customers feel more comfortable while increasing their sportive performances? Then dig into TANATEX Qi-tex®. Thanks to reflected far-infrared energy, this finish sends energy back into the body, resulting in an improved balance, TANATEX has announced. You can try it yourself, as they’ll bring Qi-tex® impregnated T-shirts to Techtextil.

More safety, less pollution

Furthermore, TANATEX says their solutions are all focused on reducing resources while increasing user safety. For example, their experts try to replace as many hazardous or polluting chemicals with greener alternatives, increasing the safety of both the textile manufacturers and the end consumer. Come and find out about their antimony and halogen free flame protection agent and formaldehyde free solutions! Personal safety, also includes hygiene. Do you want to improve the hygiene in your apparel or home textiles? Then TANATEX recommends the use of Microban® anti-microbials might be suiting your product.

Cross-border innovation

What can other industries learn from the textile industry? TANATEX will tell the answers to visitors by going through some of their cross-industry innovation examples. One of them resulted in TANATEX solving a critical problem for an automotive company, simply by providing them with the right binder! Cross-industry innovation is independent from sector and company size, so don’t hesitate to ask how such a project could like for you.

TANATEX hopes to see you at Techtextil stand F80, hall 3.0. 

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