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TANATEX Chemicals enters strategic alliance with WERKEN

As part of this new alliance, TANATEX will bring its expertise in textile technology, product development, sustainability, global presence, while WERKEN will bring its knowledge and expertise as an agile, flexible and customer oriented solution provider in Latin America. This alliance will allow the synergies that exist between the two companies to be realised for the benefit of our customers.

TANATEX Chemicals is pleased to announce it has entered into a Joint Venture with WERKEN Química Brasil Ltda.

Simon Collison, President and CEO of TANATEX Chemicals, commented: ‘’We are very excited about this new alliance. We have a great deal in common with WERKEN and share the same way of thinking and doing business. This can be traced back to how we both deal with the strong technical knowledge, the recognition as solutions providers and commitment to providing effective and sustainable solutions for our customers. When you add to that the synergies we will realize by teaming up, we have the perfect match.’’

Jefferson Zomignan, CEO of WERKEN Química Ltda., declared: “This alliance will bring the maximum performance and capabilities of each company, while respecting the legacy of both, and building a unique identity. WERKEN and TANATEX together will cover all segments and technologies of the textile processing chemicals field for the benefit of our industry, customers, employees, shareholders and society in general.”

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