Hyosung Advanced Materials acquires ‘Gold Medal’ from EcoVadis for 2 consecutive years.

Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation has obtained a "Gold " medal 2 consecutive years in 2022 from EcoVadis, a global corporate sustainability evaluation institution.

EcoVadis evaluates more than 160 countries, 200 industries, and 75,000 companies worldwide in four areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and fair trade, and sustainable procurement, awarding only the top 5% of companies a gold medal. 

© 2022 EcoVadis
© 2022 EcoVadis

Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation promotes the strengthening of ESG management capabilities through the Sustainable Steering Committee and the Specialized Sub-committee under the CEO twice a year, and discloses the expansion of sustainable management activities to 7 overseas business sites in addition to the domestic business sites. Hyosung Advanced Materials will continue to strengthen its capabilities in the environment, social, and governance sectors. 

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