Change of leadership at Textile Exchange

Claire Bergkamp and La Rhea Pepper / Photo: Textile Exchange
TE's current COO, Claire Bergkamp, will transition to CEO this January, while current CEO La Rhea Pepper will take on the inspiring role of Catalyst and Co-Founder.

Textile Exchange has announced its upcoming leadership transition, effective January 2023. La Rhea Pepper, current Chief Executive Officer, will shift into the role of Catalyst and Co-Founder, and Claire Bergkamp, currently Chief Operations Officer, will transition to the role of CEO. 

Over the past two years, Claire and La Rhea have worked closely to deliver a smooth succession plan while strengthening the organization and expanding its leadership.??

Since Claire joined Textile Exchange, the organization has fully rebranded and strengthened its communications, launched its Shared Measurement System and Trackit traceability program, operationalized the Climate+ strategy, and overseen two years of extraordinary growth.

As Claire steps into the role of CEO, she will be supported by our recently hired Chief Business Officer, Lee Martin, and Chief Strategy Officer, Ashley Gill, as well as an incredibly talented and strong senior team.???

“It is an enormous honor to be stepping into the role of CEO at Textile Exchange. We need urgent climate action to build a resilient fashion and textile industry, and Textile Exchange has long been driving this agenda forward in the field, on the supply side, and on the brand side too. I'm excited lead our global community in these critical stages of its sustainability journey and ensure that–as we act on the challenges at the core of our industry–cross-sector input helps to shape every solution."

- Claire Bergkamp

La Rhea’s new role, Catalyst and Co-Founder, will allow her to pivot into an advisory and catalyst role for the industry. Her focus within the organization will be interfacing with brands, stakeholders, partners, and leaders to help them progress, along with the industry, towards achieving our Climate+ goals. She will also play a crucial role as a thought leader and motivator, helping to ensure that the organization’s mission and vision for the industry are spread far and wide.

“It is both personally and professionally rewarding to see the growth and development of Textile Exchange and I am thrilled to shift into the role of Catalyst and Co-Founder knowing that Claire – truly as the next generation – will be a driving force to lead and deliver positive and proactive transformation.”

- La Rhea Pepper

Over the past 20 years, Textile Exchange has set a strong foundation that is supporting the industry to deliver positive and proactive transformation. Textile Exchange’s Governance Board and senior leadership have set a strong example for an ecosystem of leadership that provides stability and depth while leveraging individual strengths. 

“This transition allows for La Rhea to focus her positive energy and vast experience on advising our members to move them forward on their Climate+ journey, and for Claire to shift seamlessly into the CEO role to lead the organization to new heights. Given the extraordinary growth over the past two years, I believe we've timed the transition perfectly. I worked closely with La Rhea and Claire over the past two years on this transition and must commend both on their professional and positive contribution to strengthening our leadership ecosystem."

- Heinrich Schultz, Chair of the Textile Exchange Governance Board.

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