Covestro strives for a sustainable communities organizing “Hands for a Brighter World” campaign

Covestro, a world leader in polymer materials, organizes "Hands for a Brighter World" campaign to drive sustainability by upcycling plastic wastes under the Fully Circular concept. The project aims at promoting efficient management of plastic wastes which can be recycled and bring them back to the loop and generate value to them again according to the circular economy principle.

Moreover, we can also pay back to society through this campaign. The activity includes supporting plastic waste sorting stations for further recycling to Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) by the Department of Environment, Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) in collaboration with Less Plastic Thailand network. The collected plastic waste, PET bottles, will be recycled into high-visibility working suits to enhance the safety of road sweepers in Bangkok. The handover of the sorting stations was held on 17 June 2022 at the Bangkok City Hall 2. In addition, 5 more stations were installed at the Covestro manufacturing site in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong province where employees are encouraged to donate recyclable plastic wastes so they can be recycled and create value back to the community and society.

© 2022 Covestro
© 2022 Covestro

Dr. Timo Slawinski, Managing Director of Covestro (Thailand) said, “Covestro’s mission is to promote innovation and growth with profitable products and technologies that benefit society while reducing the impact on the environment. We would like to pass over value and sustainability to our future generation, therefore, we make every effort to align our vision on the direction of circular economy. By creating new ideas and innovations that benefits to reserving and making most use of the natural resources that is being scarce, bringing them back to the loop, reducing impact from plastic wastes and promoting reduction of greenhouse gas emission throughout the value chain.

In March, Covestro announced our 2035 Climate Neutrality Target, therefore, our campaign, “Hands for a Brighter World” shares a common vision and goal with the “Bangkok Magic Hands” project. This initiative comprises two of Covestro’s core values together: commitment to safety and sustainability, enabling us to turn waste into value. The results are road sweeper personal safety devices – high-visibility suits made from recycled plastic bottles - for the BMA and the Map Ta Phut Municipality.”

Ms. Khawissara Wattanapisit, Head of Communication ASEAN Covestro (Thailand), said, “The Hands for a Brighter World project is one of the latest social activities to reiterate Covestro vision for sustainable business operations under the circular economy concept to protect our limited resources. We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint seriously to reduce the impact on climate change which, in turn, creates opportunities for future generations in the long term. This project is an outstanding example of collaboration among multiple stakeholders who are aware of the problems and working together to reduce the plastic waste problem. This collaboration not only promotes sustainability at the community level but also contributes to national and global levels. To achieve our common targets, one hand or party cannot succeed on its own, but collaboration is needed – this is where the project name stems from."

Mr. Wirat Manassanitwong, Director of the Department of Environment, BMA, revealed, “The BMA top environmental policy is to achieve Net Zero greenhouse emissions and this is well supported by the private sector, hence the creation of this network. The BMA currently encourages the private sector to collaborate on 4 types of activities: renewable energy, green zone expansion by tree planting, waste reduction & management, and traffic management. Recently we organized Earth Hour in March as 1 of 190 countries around the world to switch to electricity at night to raise awareness of energy conservation. We are also campaigning waste pollution prevention with 17 districts on the Chao Phraya river, aiming to reduce littering in the river, and have so far held activities in 3 districts.

At present, a number of corporations have volunteered to plant trees in BMA public areas or requested the BMA to arrange for areas in support of the BMA Governor's 1 Million Tree Planting Policy. The "Bangkok Magic Hands" project" is a collaboration of several parties with the BMA acting as the middleman in arranging for locations where donors can contribute. We are pleased that Covestro offer plastic waste sorting stations that are attractive and interesting to the public which helps promote actual waste sorting from all. We plan to use some of the collected PET bottles, upcycle them into PPE, and if they are can achieve existing safety standards and comfort requirements, then we will offer them to our road sweepers."

Covestro is among the leading global polymers manufacturers with a vision to create a better world by driving a circular economy and optimizing the utilization of resources. We produce plastics sustainably, drawing on the benefits of alternative raw materials and renewable energies. To realize our vision we are committed to reducing plastic wastes and airborne emissions, as well as improving waste management. Moreover, we strive to innovate new technologies to recycle discarded products and materials and turn them into raw materials once again.

© 2022 Covestro
© 2022 Covestro

Covestro in Thailand is committed to raising environmental protection awareness among the youth through the regular organization of educational activities and the publication of educational materials. This includes the booklet series titled "Bright Minds for a Brighter World" for primary schools in Thailand to educate the importance of waste sorting under the circular economy concept. We also organize workshops for teachers on environmental management both in Bangkok and Rayong.

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