Hyosung Advanced Materials cleans the environment at the Mapo Han River

The headquarters of Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation(HAMC), held a "Mapo Han River Plogging" activity on Thursday, 21st of April to memorate the national “Earth Day”.?Plogging is a combination of the Swedish word "plockupp" which means "pick up the grains" and the English word "jogging" which means the act of picking up trash while jogging.

This plogging is one of the various biodiversity activities planned by HAMC this year, attended by about 20 executives and employees of the headquarters cleaning areas in between Wonhyo Bridge and Sogang Bridge.

© 2022 Hyosung
© 2022 Hyosung

Moreover, HAMC plans to continue its various biodiversity activities starting this May such as activities protecting oceans involving executives and employees, protecting and preserving endangered animals and plants.?

As preserving biodiversity is one of the essential activities to global climate change today, HAMC plans to create a culture that conducts not just cleaning the environment but to embrace individuals’ awareness and behaviors towards global environmental issues in addition to cleaning the environment.

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