Revised GOTS standard revision procedure

Keeping in mind the continuous evolution of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Standard gGmbH has decided, in consultation with and under direction from the GOTS Advisory Council, to revise its Standard revision procedure and make it even more inclusive to all stakeholders.

The revision process shall now follow the newly developed Standard Setting Procedure (SSP) which provides for the constitution of an (ad hoc) Standard Revision Committee (SRC) for each revision. The SRC consists of experts from different stakeholder groups, works on the basis of respective terms of reference and decides on the revised standard. Selection of members is based on the “GOTS Stakeholder Identification Document”.  

In addition, the GOTS revision drafts shall be available for open public consultation and comments during the revision process.  

Constitution of the SRC for GOTS revision to version 7.0 is currently underway.

The timeline for the revision is as follows :

 1. Constitution of GOTS SRC - March / April 2022 

 2. Release of first revision draft for public consultation - March 2022

 3. First public consultation period - 60 days from release

 4. Deliberations of the SRC on inputs received - May-August 2022

 5. Release of second revision draft for public consultation -September 2022

 6. Second public consultation period - 30 days from release

 7. Deliberations by the SRC on inputs received - October-November 2022

 8. Finalisation of GOTS version 7.0 - February 2023

 9. Release of GOTS version 7.0 - March 2023

For more information, please contact

Rahul Bhajekar ( 

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