BD 8 at Hengbang Zhifang for profitable recycled yarns

Hengbang Zhifang (Lian Yungang) Technology Co, Ltd, China, relies once again on BD 8 rotor spinning machines for their recycled yarns. Last year, the company ordered 10 BD 8 machines with a total of 6,000 spindles as well as blowroom lines and cards from Saurer.
On the picture from left to right: Dr. Marcus Rennekamp (Head of BU OpenEnd), Mr. Chen Shou (Vice General Manager Hengbang), Mr. Wang Xinyuan (Saurer China Sales Head), Mr. Nian Qiwen (Regional Sales Manager Saurer) © 2024 SAURER
On the picture from left to right: Dr. Marcus Rennekamp (Head of BU OpenEnd), Mr. Chen Shou (Vice General Manager Hengbang), Mr. Wang Xinyuan (Saurer China Sales Head), Mr. Nian Qiwen (Regional Sales Manager Saurer) © 2024 SAURER

The outstanding performance of the BD 8 convinced the customer within a very short time, resulting in the signing of a follow-up order for 6 BD 8 machines in April 2024. The decisive factors were the high productivity, outstanding yarn quality, low energy consumption and that the BD 8 is flexible enough to cover raw material fluctuations.

Part of a strong textile group

Hengbang Zhifang (Lian Yungang) Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern and advanced textile company belonging to the Hengbang Group. The group owns six major production facilities in China and Vietnam and has been active in the textile industry for thirty years. The group is committed to environmentally friendly production and utilises intelligent, energy-saving technologies, such as those in Saurer's portfolio, to achieve its goals in a fast manner. The Saurer BD 8 rotor spinning machine for recycling yarns fits in perfectly with the company's ambitious expansion strategy. Yarns made from recycled fibres are becoming increasingly popular on the world market. The company wants to meet the increasing demand with its yarns.

With 50 employees, Hengbang Zhifang (Lian Yungang) Technology Co. Ltd. produces around 120,000 tonnes of rotor yarn per year with unsurpassed efficiency. Most of the yarns are processed in the company's own knitting mill. The company specialises in recycled yarns in counts ranging from Ne 6 to Ne 40, which are suited for a wide variety of textile applications. Hengbang Zhifang delivers to global customers such as UNIQLO and NIKE.

Economical and fast thanks to innovative technology

Consistent yarn quality, low energy costs and high productivity are the outstanding features of the semi-automatic BD 8. Hengbang Zhifang is committed to climate and environmental protection and is therefore pursuing ambitious energy-saving targets. The start-up of BD 8 production at Hengbang has exceeded all expectations. From day one, the company has been producing on the BD 8 at high rotor speeds with low energy costs.

"We opted for the BD 8 with Twinsuction because we were convinced by the promised energy savings," says Mr De Li, President of Hengbang Zhifang. "This allows us to optimise our competitiveness in a targeted manner." Twinsuction reduces energy consumption in the technology and impurity channel and at the same time enables consistent yarn quality on long machines. It is possible to reduce the negative pressure by 40%. The highly efficient drive is another feature of the BD 8's outstanding energy concept.

Impurities can be blown directly into the exhaust air duct of the spinning mill. Manual cleaning of the sieves is no longer necessary. The new three-chamber filter system enables efficient waste separation. Good fibres, yarn and impurities are collected separately. This is an ideal prerequisite for the individual further processing of materials and the reduction of fibre waste during spinning.

BD 8 with Twinsuction at Hengbang Zhifang © 2024 SAURER
BD 8 with Twinsuction at Hengbang Zhifang © 2024 SAURER

Ideal choice for recycled raw material

Hengbang Zhifang is a leading international manufacturer of recycled cotton yarns. The BD line has been the market leader in the production of recycling yarns for over 50 years. The company obtains the recycled raw material from textile waste (industrial waste, old clothes), which inevitably leads to considerable fluctuations in raw material quality.

"For us as a company, it was important to choose a rotor spinning machine that has a long history of experience in recycling spinning," says Mr De Li, President of Hengbang Zhifang. " Saurer BD rotor spinning machines were the first choice for us as they are insensitive to raw material fluctuations."

The BD yarns are also processed in Hengbang's own knitting mill. The outstanding quality of the yarns is evident in knitting, particularly in the low yarn breakage rate. Recycled yarns, processed into new, high-quality garments, are a step towards a sustainable circular economy in the fashion industry. Hengbang Zhifang and Saurer are making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future by saving resources in the areas of raw materials and energy.

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