ITMA 2023


Trützschler shows latest technology in all business areas at ITMA 2023

A first T-SUPREMA needle-punching line. © 2023 Trützschler
It’s finally that time again: Trützschler is attending the ITMA in Milan from June 8 to June 14, 2023 at Fiera Milano Rho. At the 1320-square-meter stand number C101 in Hall 3, Trützschler will introduce the latest machines and technologies from the entire Trützschler Group – including Spinning, Card Clothing, Nonwovens and Man-Made Fibers.

Trützschler Spinning and Trützschler Card Clothing

Trützschler Spinning will showcase innovations for carding, draw frame and combing which meet the most important customer requirements in fiber processing: higher efficiency, more sustainable raw material utilization and intelligent automation – while also displaying the potential of digital technologies for spinning mills. Visitors can also look forward to the introduction of the new brand TRUECYCLED for textile recycling. The machinery expertise and technological know-how enable the customers to produce sliver with the highest possible level of quality and make it possible to turn waste into value. 

Trützschler’s new brand TRUECYCLED for textile recycling. © 2023 Trützschler
Trützschler’s new brand TRUECYCLED for textile recycling. © 2023 Trützschler

Trützschler Card Clothing (TCC) will present a wide range of technologies from its clothing portfolio, which covers the complete spectrum of applications in the spinning and nonwoven markets. This includes all of the service features and machinery equipment that are supported, which will be demonstrated live at the booth as part of an “Action Point” presentation. TCC is also focusing on recycling applications and will showcase its contribution to sustainability in the textile industry. These features and functions are all supplemented by “My Wires”, the Trützschler digital wire performance solution that is integrated into the Trützschler digital platform. 

Trützschler offers proven solutions for textile recycling – such as the intelligent card TC 19Ri for Recycling © 2023 Trützschler
Trützschler offers proven solutions for textile recycling – such as the intelligent card TC 19Ri for Recycling © 2023 Trützschler

Trützschler Nonwovens and Trützschler Man-Made Fibers 

Trützschler Nonwovens will focus on solutions that take nonwoven production processes to a new level. The story of innovations for needle-punching will be told at two booths: Trützschler is going to concentrate on the holistic T-SUPREMA package of excellent machinery, tailor- made production lines, integrated digital support and global service. Trützschler's cooperation partner in needle-punching, the Italian company Texnology S.r.l., will offer details about machinery and applications at booth A101 in Hall 10, and will also provide a chance to check out a running needle-punching line featuring some of the T-SUPREMA machinery.

Trützschler Nonwovens will also showcase solutions for new and environmentally friendly wipe materials, as well as an innovative drying concept. Unlocking the potential of digitalization is the key topic at the T-ONE corner, where the experts will demonstrate every aspect of the Trützschler digital environment – from quality control and recipe management through to real-time process monitoring and AI-based line optimization. 

A carded-pulp line. © 2023 Trützschler
A carded-pulp line. © 2023 Trützschler

Last but not least, Trützschler Man-Made Fibers will demonstrate the power of OPTIMA, Trützschler Man-Made Fiber’s flexible platform for all types of Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) carpet and Industrial Yarn (IDY).

The ITMA offers a great opportunity for people from across the textiles industry around the world to talk to the Trützschler experts from every business unit. 

Trützschler says they are excited to finally meet their new and existing customers in Milan.

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