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Green lights only for French Equipments @ ITMA

ITMA 2023 has been a great expo for the French exhibitors. Christian Guinet, UCMTF’s Secretary General points out “R&D is embedded in our members’ strategy, but for this ITMA they have secured more budgets than ever. The objectives are ambitious: breaking innovative technologies to offer their customers the opportunity to develop new products, process them in a secure, economical and environment friendly way. Raw materials, energy and water savings are top priorities for our customers both because it is an end market demand and to cut costs. Digitalization and artificial intelligence are essential tools to move into these directions."

"At ITMA, I was proud to meet so many customers including quite a number of French textile manufacturers as it is a great asset to get an active domestic market. The statistics I just received show that the French visitors were the 5th largest group”.

Here is some information about a selection of French exhibitors:

NSC, the global specialists in textile machines for processing long staple fibres

3 machines of their 50 series were exhibited.

The ERA50 combing machine with a new drive. Two machines have been sold during the fair and additional machines follow after the show.

The GC50 benefits from additional axes driven by servomotors which allows more settings on the main control screen. Contracts have been signed for European customers for this new generation of chain gills.

After nearly 20 years of absence, NSC has presented a new flyer frame BM.

NSC at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF
NSC at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF

FIL CONTROL: the leading textile sensor provider

Fil Control showcased its expertise and innovations, solidifying its position as a leading brand in the textile sensor industry. Cédric Schlicher, the CEO, announced that a noteworthy highlight during ITMA was the signing of a significant contract with two prominent European textile manufacturers. Additionally, Fil Control expanded its reach by establishing a strategic partnership with Media CZ, a well-established textile agent specializing in the Czech Republic market.

SUPERBA: diversification outside the carpet system

One of the biggest satisfactions has been the enthusiasm generated by the automation system, and especially with the KR1 knotting module. As human operators are increasingly difficult to recruit, and jobs are changing, it enables to automate all bobbin knotting stages throughout the production. In addition, labeling and palletizing were offered; the customers were attracted by the combination with quality control options and data management. It enables Superba to diversify in new markets such as Tire Cord, Polyester DTY, Artificial Turf, Technical Textiles and more...

Superba at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF
Superba at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF

SPOOLEX : Calemard, Decoup+ and Roll Concept brands

Calemard, the converting machinery division exhibited their slitting and rewinding/spooling, splicing or slitting bench projects. The expo was also the opportunity to sign a new Indian representative contract with a local well introduced expert in Textile and Nonwovens markets.

Decoup+, the ultrasonic division, presented a cutting device innovative and ultra-compact.

Roll Concept, the technical rollers division, also met a great success, in particular with its latest patented development, the VLI. This driven and/or guide roller is the perfect combination of Alveotube profile and carbon tube for even less inertia and stress on the web.

Spoolex at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF
Spoolex at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF

HEMP ACT : a start-Up Valley star 

It has been a crazy week! At the start-up valley Hall 3, Hemp Act had a queue all along the fair! No rest to promote HEMP!

They have been overwhelmed with requests for short hemp fibres to blend and to spin with cotton, from denim and cotton industries, global fashion brands and dozens of spinners mainly from Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh... With so many interests and so urgent needs HEMP is going to be very soon a mainstream fibre, worldwide produced and processed. Hopefully Hemp Act is offering dedicated solutions and tailored equipment to help its clients to be part of this change.

Hemp Act at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF
Hemp Act at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF

ALLIANCE, brand new environment friendly dyeing machines 

Alliance Machines Textiles launched two brand new machines. The Jeta UF is an ultra-flexible machine, which is suitable from light-weight fabrics to heavy fabrics. It is a small, fully automated, industrial machine with interchangeable jets (3” & 4”), perfectly adapted for product and process development, as well as capsule production.

Natura DS, it is a small industrial machine, roughly the size of a washing machine, specifically dedicated to natural dyeing, and an incredible versatility. This machine has 4 different types of settings: piece dyeing, hank dyeing, garment dyeing and tinctorial infusion through different interchangeable accessories. It is a true revolution in terms of natural dyeing.

DOLLFUS & MULLER, Felts and Belts for textile finishing and nonwovens

The spare part activity of Dollfus & Muller is doing well despite the fact that today the textile activity seems to slow down slightly. ITMA has been a great opportunity for the company to meet so many customers after the covid epidemy. Many interesting meetings took place with new interested dyers and finishers and good perspectives were opened. The worldwide agents who were on the expo were very positive too.

Dollfus & Muller at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF
Dollfus & Muller at ITMA 2023 (c) UCMTF

SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE SolinWAI, the new information system for textile trades.

Textile digitalization and numerical tools are major integration and development strengths, offering better performances. The solutions suggested by SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE are based on numerical evolution allowing many improvements of industrial and commercial process: - dynamic organization managed with Workflow - agility brought by intensive use of expert systems and artificial intelligence. The software, SolinWAI, is based on the latest cutting-edge technologies: artificial intelligence, workflows. Thanks to many demonstrations made, the solution's advantages had been approved by the customers.

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