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Suessen at ShanghaiTex 2019

COMPACTeasy (c) 2019 SUESSEN
Suessen presents the new compacting devices for high flexibility, new weighting arms and premium rotor spinning components for excellent yarn quality.

COMPACTeasy is the new mechanical compacting device available as a plug- on/plug-off unit for any ring spinning machine type and suitable for most common applications like cotton, man-made fibers and blends. COMPACTeasy is the solution in compacting without additional energy requirement.

New EliTe is a versatile compact-spinning system with new innovative components. The customers profit from higher productivity, better quality and lower operational costs. Upgrade packages and spare parts packages enable the customers to benefit also on existing installations.

The new Top Weighting Arm HP 4080 for roving frames offers a new design for easy settings and improved stability. In addition, consistent yarn quality over the lifetime is guaranteed.

New EliTe compacting (c) 2019 SUESSEN
New EliTe compacting (c) 2019 SUESSEN

Regarding premium parts the new SOLIDRING B 188 for rotor spinning machines offers a shorter and more aggressive saber tooth shape for better fiber opening and finally improved yarn quality. For semi-automated rotor spinning machines a new rotor cup design and fluted and spiral navels improve the yarn quality and enhance the spinnability of low grade cotton.


See for yourself the many advantages on offer from Suessen. Visit us at ShanghaiTex from November 25 to 28, 2019, in the New International Expo Centre: Hall E1, Booth A30.

Detailed information on Suessen’s innovations and access for downloading the images are available online at:

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