Shanghaitex 2019


BENNINGER shows innovations at Shanghaitex

At Shanghaitex Benninger shows a Benninger-Küsters DyePad Basic which is manufactured in Suzhou Benninger Küsters Machinery Co., Ltd. This padder has been specially designed for the needs of the Asian markets, and focuses on easy handling.

Benninger-Küsters DyePad

Two swimming  rollers  ensure  a  maximum  deflection  potential  and  allow  dyeing  of  knit  and woven  fabrics  without  limitations.

BENNINGER  is  the  only  textile  machine  manufacturer with  the  know-how  of  the  original  S-roller  technology,  which  is  synonymous  with  an  even dyeing resultacross the entire fabric width.In addition the Benninger-Küsters DyePad allows salt-free dyeing without the use of energy by using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process. All  these  advantagesand  facts  make the Benninger-Küsters DyePad to  the  leading  CPB dyeing station with more than 80% market share in CPB dyeing.

Contamination Sensor

Benninger has developed a contamination sensor for the washing compartments where the degree of contamination regulates the necessary amount of fresh water in order to a.) guarantee the lowest possible water and energy consumption and b.) ensure a high reproducibility of the washing result.

Benninger –160 years of commitment to textiles, 160 years of responsibility towards sustainable production

The main driver for Benninger for the past 160 years was always to come up with consistent innovation and the continuous improvement of our products, processes and services in order to save limited resources such as water and energy. Sustainability is becoming a more and more important factor for the textile industry but for Benninger sustainability not only means saving limited resources but also long lasting quality production ranges and therefore long lasting end products of our customers.


Benninger Küsters DyePad (c) 2019 Benninger
Benninger Küsters DyePad (c) 2019 Benninger

Visit Benninger at Shanghaitex, join them in celebrating 160 years of textile competence and connect with them.

Benninger looks forward to welcoming you at stand D10in hall W2.

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