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Environmentally friendly and sustainable: shopping and production digitally optimized

Kick-off event of the project partners at the end of June in Denkendorf (from the left: Alexander Artschwager (DITF), Dr. Jürgen Seibold (DITF), Jeanette Nordmann (Assyst GmbH), Alexander Mirosnicenko (DITF), Dr. Rainer Trieb (Human Solutions), Dr. Martin Lades (Assyst GmbH), Stefanie Hiss (DITF) Photo. DITF
The designer has an idea, the customer, consumer or retailer, checks it out and changes one or two details to suit his or her taste. Then garments are produced in small batches or tailored to the body thanks to modern body measurement. Digital technology ensures that the wishes are met, everything fits and everything looks as expected. Returns? That was yesterday.

Digitized processes not only satisfy the customer, but also protect the environment. That's why the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Environmental Foundation) is funding the research cooperation between the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) and Assyst GmbH. The keyword here is the shifting back of value-added processes. Result: no mass-produced goods for the garbage, no child labor, high ecological standards and low transport costs.

"Every body is individual" emphasizes Dr. Martin Lades, Assyst GmbH. The ECO-Shoring project takes this into account. The creation of an avatar, i.e. the model of one's own body, is the basis. There are also serial measurements in different regions of the world. In the project, processes and the database of Avalution GmbH allow that the customer only has to enter a few body parameters to get an accurate fit. With the body height, weight and age, the program can create a true-to-life body double - the trying-on on the computer can begin. The model is primarily suitable for online shopping, but in principle the customer can also be measured and advised directly in the store.

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