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Prof. Gries at the IG Metall and t+m Future Day

Professor Dr Thomas Gries at the future day of IG Metall and t+m © t+m
Challenges and opportunities for the textile industry based on renewable carbon - Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries from ITA spoke on this topic to a high-calibre panel at the future conference of the textile + fashion association on 12 May.

Global textile production is facing a paradigm shift. The increasing digitalisation of all areas of life and the need to implement sustainability goals taking into account resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change are becoming gamechangers for the textile value chain. Accordingly, the challenge for the future is to establish a successful textile circular economy. Within the framework of the Green Deal, the EU has now initiated a process in which concrete sustainability goals are anchored in a binding manner - in the sense of a genuine circular economy.

ITA Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University has been working on the topic of sustainable textiles for years - alone and together with partners - in various areas.

Where is the German textile industry heading in the future? That was the topic of the joint Future Day of IG Metall and the German Textile and Fashion Industry Association t+m. Together, experts discussed innovative projects, effective measures against the shortage of skilled workers, an overview of the development of collective bargaining in Germany and the collective agreements of the future

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