Altor acquires remaining assets of Renewcell, ushering in a new era as circulose

Renewcell, a leader in cotton textile recycling, is pleased to announce that its remaining assets have been acquired by Altor, a respected investment firm based in Sweden. This acquisition marks a new chapter for Renewcell, now renamed Circulose.

With Altor's ownership, there is secure financing for the future of Circulose, ensuring that the company’s pioneering cotton recycling technology continues to thrive on a global scale.

The technology of recycling cotton to make a dissolving pulp for MMCF producers, such as viscose, has been a cornerstone of the company’s operations. CIRCULOSE® pulp, the innovative solution for textile-to-textile circularity, will remain at the forefront to create a sustainable future for the fashion and textile industry. This commitment to innovation and sustainability is further strengthened by Altor's investment, which provides the resources and network needed to scale Circulose’s impact and reach.

The current inventory of CIRCULOSE® pulp and fiber is ready to meet market demands, supported by our dedicated CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network (CSN) partners who continue to provide high-quality materials. This ensures that the market can confidently move forward with the assurance of an uninterrupted supply chain.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support and collaboration during this journey,” remarks Magnus Lundmark, Chief Executive Officer at Circulose.

“Together, we will continue to drive positive change, leveraging Altor's expertise and resources to enhance our capabilities and secure a confident future for Circulose and the broader textile community.”

Circulose is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability through the transition into this exciting new phase of building a resilient, innovative, and circular future for the textile industry.

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