Both production & waste cotton content increased in ReVisco®

Using pulp containing waste textiles as raw material, Sanyou Chemical Fiber developed TangCell®ReVisco® to recycle waste cotton textiles in the textile industry and promote the sustainable development of the fashion industry.TangCell ®ReVisco® has been certified RCS (Recycling Claim Standard) and TUV Soil Biodegradable.

Sanyou Chemical Fiber works with Re:newcell, Ekman and Södra to promote the preparation and application of waste cotton textile pulp.In 2022, Sanyou Chemical modified the production line and increased the production capacity of ReVisco® to 40,000 tons per year. In addition, the proportion of waste cotton textiles in ReVisco® products has been gradually increased to 30% and the production has been stable.

In 2023, Sanyou will continue to increase the amount of waste cotton textiles used in ReVisco® and work with our industry partners to recycle more cotton textiles and contribute to the healthy and green development of the textile industry.

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