Spinnova introduces the Everyplace Chair 2021 by Yrjö Kukkapuro

Material innovation company Spinnova and one of the most globally renown Finnish interior architects, Yrjö Kukkapuro, have today introduced a circular demo chair they have created together. The Everyday Chair 2021 is a prominent entry to the interior textiles market that holds a lot of potential for Spinnova.

"The Everyplace Chair is based on the principles of minimalism and circularity."  Yrjö Kukkapuro

© 2021 Spinnova
© 2021 Spinnova

Spinnova and Yrjö Kukkapuro introduced the chair prototype today in the EcoDesign exhibition as part of the Lahti Green Design Week events. Finnish city of Lahti is the EU Green Capital of 2021.

The Everyplace Chair 2021 is a completely novel chair design that is upholstered with SPINNOVA® fabric. It is created to answer the needs of modern remote working, on the terms of the comfort and aesthetics of a lounge chair.- The Everyday Chair is based on the principles of minimalism and circularity. I didn’t waste any virgin natural resources on it, but instead used components left over from my previous projects. Minimalism and practicality can also be seen on the product’s weight that is only eight kilograms and makes the chair easy to move around, says Kukkapuro.

Made of a SPINNOVA® blend fabric, the upholstery is true Kukkapuro style in its simplicity. The smooth high-density twill gives the chair a sculpture-like look. The durability, sustainable wood raw material and the non-toxic, low-emission Spinnova technology in the fibre process create high eco value for the product.

- It’s an honor to contribute our material to a product created by an internationally valued designer like Mr Kukkapuro. This contemporary, i.e. practical and extremely sustainable, chair is a great way of introducing the SPINNOVA®fibre to the world of interior textiles, says Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder Janne Poranen.

SPINNOVA® fibre is a sustainable, natural fibre made without dissolving or harmful chemicals. Its fresh water and CO2 footprint are significantly smaller than those of cotton, for example. Spinnova’s materials are also 100% recyclable into new fibre, with the same sustainable process, without the need to add virgin fibres.

Yrjö Kukkapuro, 88, is a Finnish interior architect and designer. In addition to lighting, Kukkapuro has mostly designed furniture, the most famous of which are the Karuselli chair and the Ateljee sofas. Kukkapuro has been e.g. a professor and the rector of the Helsinki University of Arts and Design in 1974–1980. Artifacts designed by Kukkapuro can be seen in permanent collections of e.g. New York Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In Guangzhou, China, there is a museum dedicated to Kukkapuro designs.

The chair is on display at the EcoDesign exhibition on 5-27 May, 2021, in the ProPuu Gallery, Satamakatu 2, Lahti, Mon-Fri 10-17 and 10-14 Sat.

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