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‘Cotton: Review of the World Situation’: Updated Outlook, the Post-COVID Market and USA-China Phase One

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) has released the final 2020 issue of 'Cotton: Review of the World Situation'.


Highlights of the 40+ page publication include:

  • An update of the current cotton market;
  • An outlook for all commodities as we approach the beginning of 2021;
  • An early analysis of the US-China phase one trade deal that looks at trade tensions and impacts on the cotton market;
  • A review of the tumultuous and unprecedented 2019/20 season; and
  • Analysis of the potential introduction of Hirsutum cotton into Egypt, a country renowned for its extra-fine cotton breeds.

PLEASE NOTE: ICAC has revised its distribution process for subscribers. Sending attachments via email frequently gets that email sent to a spam folder, so links are now provided to allow subscribers to log into their accounts and download documents directly.

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