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‘Cotton: Review of the world situation’: Falling consumption, rising stocks and price correlations

Falling consumption amidst rising production and ending stocks (c) 2020 ICAC
While the June 2020 edition of Cotton: Review of the World Situation’ does not focus exclusively on COVID-19, the impacts of the pandemic are impossible to ignore in its projections of falling consumption and rising stock levels and analysis of supply and distribution of cotton by country from 2015-2021.

The issue contains five feature stories and four tables in its 26 pages. In addition to an overview of current supply and demand by ICAC Statistician Lihan Wei, the June 2020 Review contains:

An analysis of the correlation between prices in the Cotlook A index to domestic prices;

Details regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region; and

Detailed overviews of recent developments in the cotton sectors of Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Global consumption for 2019/20 is expected to be 23 million tonnes, an 11.3% decrease from the previous season. With global production expected for 2019/20 at 26.2 million tonnes, a 2% increase from the previous season, ending stock levels are expected to increase to 21.75 million tonnes, the highest level in the past five seasons.

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